PTY Custom Lighting Designer Showcase

PTY Custom Lighting Designer Showcase

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Rafael Alvarez has built an impressive career through his unique and distinctive artistic contributions. With a rich background in architecture, graphic design, and painting, he has garnered numerous awards and accolades, showcasing his exceptional talent and understanding of design. Having worked with prestigious firms like Tihany Design in New York and currently managing his own companies, Rafael continues to leave his mark on the design world with his striking and functional lighting designs.


Rafael Alvarez, architect, graphic designer, and painter, is a renowned PTY Custom Lighting designer who was born in and is from the Dominican Republic. He is a Visual Arts Graduate from the school of arts APEC (EDA) and architecture at the Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Urena (UNPHU). He’s also an Artist in Residence, art and design director, and instructor for the Foundation Altos de Chavon, an affiliate of Parson’s School in New York. His work is striking and distinctive and his talents and abilities have been recognized by others throughout his career. He is an award-winning designer and has shared his artistic understanding and expertise by participating in a variety of speaking engagements over the years.

You’ll see from the images and pictures that his work is unique and one-of-a-kind. He comes to the table and scene with a lot of experience and awards to show for it. For instance, Rafael is the winner of the biennial visual arts, Santo Domingo. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries all over the world and by invitation to the Biennale de Paris, Sao Paulo, Havana, and Mexico.

Rafael’s work and experience also include him acting as the Design Director for Tihany Design in New York for more than 12 years. While there, he was working on the most internationally recognized projects such as:

  •     Le Cirque 2000, New York
  •     Le Cirque, Las Vegas, Nevada
  •     One cps, Plaza Hotel, New York
  •     Le Cirque, Mexico City, Mexico
  •     Inagiku, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York
  •     Circo, Las Vegas, Nevada
  •     Spago Chicago for Wolfgang Puck, Chicago
  •     Shun Lee Palace, New York
  •     The Time Hotel, New York
  •     Louis’s Restaurant, Charleston, South Carolina
  •     Osteria Circus, New York
  •     Thomas Keller, Per-Se, New York
  •     And many others

You’ll find his lighting designs are full of artistic value and creativity but that they’re also functional. His experience, awards, and the fact that others want him speaking at their events and functions are proof that he’s talented and knows how to design pieces that are not only stunning but also full of life and tell a story.


In 2004, Rafael opened his own design company called “Rafael Alvarez Design LLC” and owns “Alvarez + Brock Design LLC.” Since 2016 all the companies are under bureau of Rafael Alvarez inc., creating a new style in the direction of design today at:

  •     Le Cirque Cafe, New York
  •     The Morrell Catering Hall, New York
  •     Peking Pavilion, Manalapan, New Jersey
  •     Lucier Restaurant, Portland, Oregon
  •     T & T Bar, Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
  •     Scampo Restaurant, Liberty Hotel, Boston
  •     Westmount Country Club, New Jersey
  •     Izakaya Restaurant, Borgata Hotel, Atlantic City
  •     Rhumba, Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
  •     Uncle ted’s, New York city
  •     Uncle sam’s, New York city
  •     The italian restaurant. Beijing ,China
  •     Wallsé restaurant, New York City
  •     Wm bathrooms, Woodland, New Jersey
  •     Kuo social, Robbinsville, New Jersey


Rafael has many awards to be proud of and has worked hard to earn recognition in his industry and with other artists. He has also shared his knowledge through various speaking engagements and lectures.

Below are some of the awards that he has earned through his work:

  •     Awarded “ wave of the future Award” by hospitality design magazine, Miami, Florida, 2010
  •     Awarded “international architect of the year” by the Society of Dominicans Architects (sad) & Dominicans College of Engineers, Architects and Surveyors (codia), 2015
  •     Awarded“ Reign of Spain Award” Spain, 2010
  •     Awarded“ Fray Antón de Montesinos in architecture Award” Alumni Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo (UASD), New York, 2009
  •     Awarded the Medal of honor, “citizen of Merit,” Dominican Consulate, New York, 2009

He has participated in a wide variety of speaking engagements and lectures including speaker at contract design, Valencia, Spain 2012, speaker at the 10th International Architecture Biennial, Museo de Arte Moderno, Santo Domingo, DR, 2010, and speaker / 25 years of Altos de Chavon School of Design, La Romana, 2009. Also, back in 2007 he spoke and shared his knowledge and work at the Show on beauty and harmony of architecture and decoration, Universidad Nacional Pedro Enriquez Urena (UNPHU).

Are you interested in hearing Rafael speak and share his knowledge? Then you can watch this interview by Monica Gutierrez, from the program Entrepuntos, from New York, 2020 by clicking here:


Not only is Rafael an architect, graphic designer, painter, and custom lighting designer but he also has many publications to show for and be proud of. Including but not limited to:

  •     “Material Man,” New York Times Magazine, April 5.1998 (interview)
  •     Rafael Alvarez: There is a difference between creativity and cliche, “Boutique Design, Oct. 16, 2008 (interview)
  •     Interiors, June 1999
  •     Interior Design, October 2003
  •     “Le Cirque Perks,” New York Post, October 8, 2008
  •     “Can Think Big Portland, The Oregonian newspaper, February 16, 2007
  •     Interni magazine, May 2003, Italy
  •     Interior Design Magazine, October 1, 2003
  •     Architectural Record, 1999
  •     Arquitextos Magazine, March 2007, Santo Domingo
  •     Reuter, March 19, 2008
  •     Gaming News, March 20, 2008

Furthermore are the documentaries and commercial appearances he has been a part of including:

  •     Pinnacle, CNN, 1998
  •     Le Cirque: A Table in Heaven, HBO documentary, 2009
  •     Rafael Alvarez, Orange (telecommunications), commercial, 2007

This is just a snippet and overview of all the talents Rafael Alvarez has to share and that has made him someone who should be highlighted through this designer corner showcase. If you’re intrigued and like what you have read then you may want to take some time to click through his lighting designs and images to see if there are any pieces you may like to have in your home.

Your home will not only look better and be more beautiful for it but you’ll know the story behind the lighting designs and pieces in your spaces as well. There’s truly no one else like Rafael and you can see for yourself from all the information and insights above that his career has been outstanding and he has worked hard to earn the recognition he so rightfully deserves.