Who We Are

Effective. Efficient. Expeditious.

Lighting's our thing

Your all-in-one decorative lighting solution.  

Lighting your path, from concept to creation.

PTY Lighting is quite simply your one stop shop for all things decorative lighting. We produce guestroom and public space lighting; portable and hardwired. Our factories manufactures fixtures in all scales, sizes and most materials.  The experts at PTY are armed with the knowledge to guide you through the process…

There’s a reason that we have been involved in the lighting industry for over 30 years. We deliver lighting
products we are proud of and can stand by.

Joe Espinosa, President

We love to help make spaces beautiful Kenia Espinosa, Founder

Doing business with us just adds up

When you choose PTY Lighting, you can
rest easy, trusting that we will deliver on our promises.

Each and every time, quality, cost savings
and a commitment to time is our main

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