What we do

Effective. Efficient. Expeditious.

Relax and let US handle the lighting!

PTY Lighting is a custom lighting manufacturer, providing decorative lighting solutions for guest rooms and public spaces, regardless of material, size or scale needed. Housing a full team, handling everything, from the design to the logistics of delivery (and everything in between!), we are able to provide the most competitive pricing, while delivering high-quality lighting, on time! 

Make sure to choose PTY Lighting, for your next hospitality project…we are here for you: FROM CONCEPT TO COMPLETION


Consult & Design
Before production, our lighting
experts will review any and all
specifications packages and filter
through the details with a fine
tooth comb. We will take your
aspiration of what you want your
lighting to be…the look, aura and
engineering…and turn it into a
feasible, real-life work of art.


Once the designs are created and
production drawings produced,
we begin manufacturing. Our
facilities are large enough to
handle large orders and is kept up
to date with the latest production
equipment, including a recently
expanded finishing department,
featuring 8-foot plating tanks.


Fabricating the products are not
the end of our job. We also assist in
logistics of your order, offering the
service of delivering the product right
to the site. Our experienced logistics
coordinators will find the most time
efficient and cost-effective routes to let
you focus on more important things;
like continuing to grow your business!

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