What to Consider When Looking at Hospitality Lighting

What to Consider When Looking at Hospitality Lighting

What to Consider When Looking at Hospitality Lighting

Hotel lighting is quite an important but overlooked feature in hospitality. It can be the make or break for walk-ins and should be held to a higher standard as the costs associated with small mistakes can be rather high. Avoid mistakes and losing thousands of dollars, or even a lawsuit, by reading on:

Wattage and Efficiency Requirements
Most of the time, electrical engineers will plan energy requirements while planning switches and circuits. When a light replacement comes up, the change in power draw could cause huge problems like changes in electrical plans, delays and wasting money on connections you can’t use anymore. To avoid this, make sure to discuss with an electrical engineer before making any changes to plans.


Safety Standards
This is the most important part and should be the first priority. Sacrificing safety standards can really put your customers in danger and you will most likely fail inspection and have to reorder completely new lighting, which will cost a lot.


The following is a lighting guide to assist you in lighting up all hotels areas appropriately:


Lobby and Reception
These are the two spaces in which hotels welcome their guests for the first time, so it is important that they stand out. This space is where a hotel has the chance to really express its uniqueness as a brand through its architecture, design, and ambiance. It’s necessary to include flexible and controlled lighting options to create a specific atmosphere.

Restaurants and Conference Rooms
An open, striking design is particularly important in the dining and entertainment areas. Lighting must emphasize the event in some way or another, while also serving a wide range of purposes.

Hallways will lead guests to their rooms so adjusted lighting can stop the hallways from looking like a tunnel and make the walk more inviting and safe for guests. Hotel owners must respect emergency lighting regulations and will need to be using the halls themselves as well as other staff, so adjusting lighting levels for their comfort to help them work better is also important.

Guest Rooms
Hotel rooms are for sleep, work, eating, relaxing and so much more. The lighting layout should reflect this variety of uses while giving guests options to meet most or all of these functions.

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