What to Know on Decorative Hotel Lighting by Type and Place

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What to Know on Decorative Hotel Lighting by Type and Place

There are as many kinds of lighting as there are interior design styles. From homely standing lamps and minimalist wall fixtures to magnificent chandeliers, the wealth of choices can be paralyzing. On top of this, you have to find a reputable hotel lighting supplier who can provide you quality light fixtures. 

Here are some simple ideas and guidelines for choosing the right way to light up your hotel:

1. Vacation Hotels

Hotels in the mountains and near the ocean have a great asset at their disposal. They have fantastic views. You can take advantage of this by having large windows so your guests can take it all in. Ideally, your lighting fixtures should be out of the way, so nothing too attention-grabbing. Pick lights flush to the ceiling and wall, so they are out of the way.

You can also opt for rustic-style lights. Since beach-side resorts and mountain hotels are surrounded by nature, lamps and other light fixtures that use wood in their design are the perfect matches.

2. Luxury Hotels

You might be tempted to install multiple grandiose chandeliers and lamps covered with filigree. However, remember that you want to showcase the rest of your rooms as well. A chandelier with warm tones in the main lobby to welcome your guests is ideal, but avoid overcrowding your ceiling. If your furniture is already posh, choose an understated light fixture with a complimentary accent color. You need to make sure your decor works together instead of competing for your guests’ attention.

3. City Hotels

City hotels usually reflect their environmentno-nonsense and a bit spartan. A lavish sconce or a cozy lamp would look out of place, so minimalist design lighting fixtures will work best. Simple shapes and sleek forms will be right at home in your rooms.

4. Themed Hotels

The type of lighting would depend entirely on the theme of your hotel. For example, a retro-themed hotel would call for vintage lighting fixtures of that era. A medieval- or fantasy-themed hotel should have warm lighting imitating firelight, gothic sconces lining its walls, etc.

How to Find the Right Light

The next tips aren’t hard rules for interior design. These are simple guidelines, and they by no means cover all the possibilities. There are far too many to cover in one sitting. Here are more general tips to help you find the right light:

Warm vs. Cold

Warm colors are more inviting and homey compared to cool-colored lights like white or blue. Cool colors are better if you want a more professional or clinical look. You can also appeal to the younger generations who enjoy neon lights.

Lighting Sets the Mood

It’s one of the first things your guests will notice upon entering the hotel, even subconsciously. Think carefully of the impression you want to make, whether that be a cozy, warm, home-like atmosphere or a more grand, business-like aesthetic.


Your lighting fixtures shouldn’t take away from your other interiors. Make sure they match each other; don’t make them compete. 


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of your hotel’s interior design. Make sure you talk to the right hotel lighting manufacturers and get their advice on how you should light your hotel. Don’t forget that your lights shouldn’t clash with each other or any other aspect of your interior design. 

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