What to Consider When Designing Hospitality Lighting

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What to Consider When Designing Hospitality Lighting

If you have ever wondered why your favorite coffee shops, boutiques, and hotel lobbies have such a distinct look and feel, the answer is probably because of carefully selected lighting design. Lighting can dramatically affect the ambiance of any location. It can turn an informal venue into a formal one. It can convert a stark room into a cozy chamber. It can even transform a harsh environment into a welcoming one. Custom hospitality lighting can improve upon the plainest room and make it look stylishly decorated.

The right lighting can spell the difference between attracting customers or allowing them to walk past your shop front. Good lighting design isn’t just about hanging a few bulbs and making sure your merchandise is visible. Hospitality lighting contributes to the visual pleasure that your space should offer your customers. The right lighting can put your customers in the right mood to spend. 

For those who are in the planning stages of your shop or commercial space, there are several things you need to consider when planning your overall lighting design:

  • The interior height of your ceiling

The effectivity of ceiling lights decreases the higher your ceiling is. While the ceiling can be an integral part of the overall design, you will need to look for creative ways to drop the lighting and bring it closer to your customers, especially if you have a particularly high ceiling height.

  • How traffic moves through your space

Your lighting plan should follow a natural flow of traffic from the entryway through the common areas of your space. Imagine the customer experience from their arrival and identify points that you want them to be drawn to, like seating areas, pieces of artwork, or a reception counter. Your lighting should make the pathways clear and highlight points of interest and not hide them in shadows.

  • Your day-to-day operations

Task lighting is also important to your business. It allows your staff to conduct business with ease and it reduces the possibility of criminal activity as well. Ambient light is appropriate for customer areas. Consider expertly positioned table lighting or spotlights for counters, desks, and points-of-sale, that tie into the overall theme of the place.

  • The size of your space

Your lighting plan will change throughout the day, especially if you are fortunate enough to have access to natural lighting. Windows can help illuminate the space in the daytime, but you want to make sure that you have enough lighting and a big space to be able to achieve a similar level of luminosity even without the sun.

To achieve the best results, consult an experienced lighting designer who can help you bring the design together cohesively. You can also employ technology to make your overall lighting plan more energy efficient. There are smart switches that can regulate the brightness throughout the day depending on the amount of natural lighting your space receives. 

When you have a good idea as to how you will use each section of your space, no matter how grand or tiny it is, it can be easier to find the right lighting solution for that area. Whatever design you choose, what matters most is not only being able to see adequately throughout but also that the space is able to evoke positive and pleasant memories as you walk through it. 

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