Using Lighting to Attract Customers in Restaurants

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Using Lighting to Attract Customers in Restaurants

Nowadays, enjoying food is not just about the food itself, but also about where you’re eating. For those who love homemade meals, the environment may not matter since they’re already eating at home—a place where they spend most of their time in. However, it’s a different story when it comes to restaurants.

People go to restaurants because they want themselves to be rid of the burden of preparing food. With this in mind, restaurant owners must go above and beyond to give their customers the best service possible. That includes a great environment that’s perfect for eating. The only way that a restaurant environment can be noticed is through proper lighting.

It may not look like it, but lighting can also be used to attract customers to your restaurant. How exactly do you do this? This article will tell you what you need to know. Read on below to learn more.

Lighting and Restaurants

The relationship between lighting and restaurants is grounded on the different color temperatures from the lights themselves and its overall environment, including the food.

Having a well-lit environment can show the restaurant’s unique ambiance, and it also highlights the food, which enhances the appetite of your customers.

You might think that it’s just the same thing for dining at home, but there’s still a significant difference. Dining room lighting at home focuses on the comfortable aspect of eating because it only covers lighting enough for a single table.

The only way that lighting can attract customers is by strategically placing your lights in certain restaurant parts. By strategically placing lights in certain areas of the restaurant, it can further highlight the interior environment, which can catch the attention of prospective customers.

Restaurant Entrance

Having a well-lit restaurant entrance is vital because it’s the first thing that passers-by can see, which are your prospective customers. 

While there’s nothing wrong with using standard lights, it also works if you use certain types of light, such as colored ones. Your restaurant logo should also be lit as a focal point, which increases the restaurant’s presence as a whole.

Dining Lobby

The dining lobby is where customers would be eating. When customers are eating, other customers walking in will notice them, which tells them to look for an empty table. The dining lobby should be well lit so that they can see these empty tables.

You can also add shaped lights. These will act as ambient lighting, and a few of them are more than enough to light up the entire lobby, creating an elegant atmosphere.


Booths are different from dining tables because they’re relatively small, giving customers a sense of privacy. Like dining tables, light must also reach booths so that customers can see them if they want to take it.

Booths are best placed near lights if overhead lighting isn’t an option. If the booths are placed by the wall, you can add lights with cool colors, such as blue. The light acts as a focal point that allows customers to see it, and the warm color of the light doesn’t overpower them as they enjoy their meal.


A restaurant must always have a presentable environment and ambiance so that customers will have a memorable dining experience. The best way to present your restaurant is through lighting because it can capture the attention of customers.

Restaurants need lights because it’s an investment that can yield potential returns if used correctly. PTY Custom Lighting takes pride in providing top-quality services for custom light fixtures. These lighting fixtures can drastically improve the look and feel of any restaurant. You shouldn’t wait around for customers to go to you—get a quote from us today!

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