3 Types of Lighting You Must Have in Your Restaurant

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3 Types of Lighting You Must Have in Your Restaurant

If you’re a restaurant owner, you must know that there are different types of lighting that your restaurant must have. It’s not all about the style; you should also think about its function. We understand that deciding when to choose low-light versus bright-light fixtures can be daunting. That’s why we are here to guide you about the different types of lighting and their functions in your restaurant. 

Before you choose the style of your restaurant’s lighting, here are the different types of lighting for your restaurant you should know about: 

1. Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the most critical light fixture you should have in your restaurant because that light source will allow people to see and move around comfortably throughout your restaurant’s space. A light fixture is not the only one that can provide your restaurant with ambient lighting. You can also get it from a natural light source from your large windows. However, the most effective way to achieve ambient lighting is through artificially using overhead fixtures. 

Take note that ambient lighting is crucial because it will also set the mood of your restaurant. So, when you choose to have artificial ambient lighting, you have to ensure that it’s aligned with the time of the day. 

For example, if your restaurant is open for breakfast, you should set your ambient lighting into a bright light to create an energizing atmosphere. If it’s dinner, choose low-light lighting to create an intimate ambiance, welcoming guests to sit closer together and feel more relaxed and comfortable.

2. Task Lighting

Task lighting, on the other hand, is the most versatile light fixture. It is used so that people can perform tasks efficiently. For example, when your customer is reading menus, put a light fixture that will make it easy for them to read what’s on the menu. 

Another example of task lighting would be present in the kitchen. Your chef needs to have proper lighting so that they can prepare and cook the food more efficiently. If your restaurant prepares food at the table, then you must have overhead lighting for a better light source while performing the task.

3. Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is more on the style side. It provides a focal point and an artistic flair to your restaurant. If you want to highlight something in your restaurant, you must have accent lighting. It can help guide the eyes of your customers to dinner specials, art, or even down a long hallway. Simply put, it can help draw attention to a particular spot you want to highlight. 

As mentioned, accent lighting is more on the decorative side than functional. Your restaurant can still be efficient even without accent lighting. But, accent lighting will add more beauty and personality to your space, so you should still consider having one. 


Now that you know about the essential functions of the different lighting types, you can now focus on choosing the best lighting design for your restaurant. Just remember that when you choose a style, make sure that it will be able to provide its function to a particular spot inside your restaurant. 

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