Tips to Remember When Designing Hotel Rooms and Spaces

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Tips to Remember When Designing Hotel Rooms and Spaces

Managing a hotel and meeting your guests’ needs involve hiring an interior designer to oversee the decorations, furnishings, systems, and lightings to all work together flawlessly. Besides offering your opinion and preference on a particular aspect of design, it’s integral to know the latest design trends to help improve your hotel’s interior.

The chosen style for your hotel should cater to the taste of all your clients to increase your chances of attracting more guests and convincing them to revisit your place another time. The decorations you choose should each have a corresponding meaning as to why you chose them, including making people feel safe and relaxed at all times.

If you’re not well-versed in choosing stylish designs and decorating hotel rooms, it’s best to leave it to the professionals to take charge of developing a design for your space. Keep reading below to find out how to attract more guests by relying on the impact of a well-designed hotel room. 

When in Doubt, Keep Things Neutral

Your hotel can maintain its modern look by applying neutral tones to the color of the walls and ceilings of each of the rooms. Compared to what used to be the trend before—such as applying bright and bold colors—clients today prefer if you kept things minimal and pleasing to the eyes. 

Opt for a classic design and focus on earth shades such as simple colors, including pastel, which remains on-trend and offers the right amount of neutrality. Keeping your taste traditional brings out feelings of peace and comfort that a bedroom should typically exude.

When you encourage your clients to stay without forcing them due to the color and the custom lighting design you have installed in your room, you’re convincing them to take a break. After the tiring week they’ve had, all people want to do is enjoy a holiday at a hotel and forget their worries!

Learn the Art of Complementary Touches

Besides focusing on neutral walls and floorings, another excellent design tip to managing your hotel is concentrating on complements. Using various furniture, décor, and hotel lighting designs with distinct materials and finishes can make the place seem more warm and welcoming. 

An example would be positioning cushions of multiple sizes on couches or spreading out carpets with different textures on the floor to highlight contrasting tones. As a result, your hotel room will have a better personality and showcase sophistication.

Applying wooden or marble floors to complement the walls and furnishings is another way to display complementary points in a room. A standard custom hospitality lighting positioned in various areas can enhance the size and offer better direction, especially when it’s hard to see at night. 

Install Direct Lights to Highlight the Space

Besides giving importance to using indirect lighting, it’s essential to provide direct lighting options because it offers functionality. Most of the time, people need to know what to do and where to go in a typical hotel room setting. When you choose a contract hotel lighting to brighten a bedroom, take note that you can fix one up in the bathroom as well. 

While most hotels don’t typically do it, it’s a part of interior design that daring hospitality establishments are recently looking to consider due to its trendy and useful effect. The key to getting it to work is picking the right lamp size for the bathroom to match the décor well.


Remember that when it comes to designing your hotel rooms, you need to make sure that all of it is aimed at beautifying your space. While it is a hefty investment to carefully select the pieces that will make up the changes for each of your rooms, it can guarantee you happier and more satisfied guests looking forward to their return. When it comes to your light fixtures, it’s best to hire a decorative lighting manufacturer to provide you with the equipment you need to complete your hotel.

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