3 Tips for Better Contract Lighting Projects for Hotels

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3 Tips for Better Contract Lighting Projects for Hotels

Having good lighting can change the ambiance of a hotel room from drab to elegant. This can be difficult to manage, though, because lighting projects are notoriously difficult to pull off. Due to this, we thought it would be useful to put together an article discussing tips that will help improve hotel lighting. If this is something that you’re interested in learning more about, read on for three tips for better contract lighting projects for hotels.

Improve the Lighting of the Lobby and Reception Areas

While it’s easy to understand why you want to focus on your rooms when it comes to lighting because this is where your guests will be staying, you’ll also want to improve the lighting of your lobby and reception area. The lobby and reception are what people see when they walk inside this hotel. This is the business card of the hotel, and these spaces need to create a welcoming and stimulating atmosphere through illumination.

Focus on Mood When Creating Lighting for Bedrooms

Considering that the bedroom is a place of relaxation and comfort, it’s crucial that you are able to create an environment that helps your guests relax and unwind. Considering that lighting plays a big part when it comes to mood, you’ll want to keep mood in mind when making any lighting decisions.

When setting up lights for the bedroom, it’s best to focus on ambient lighting levels. You could hang light fixtures from the ceiling that are designed to achieve an optimal level of light and shadow. You could add wall sconces to the walls if you don’t want to hang fixtures from the ceiling, or vice versa. Each of these models will provide functional and well-distributed lighting in the room, which goes a long way when it comes to improving ambient lighting levels.

Pick the Right Lamps for the Restaurant and Bar Areas

Lamps can be a great way to improve the aesthetics of the restaurant and bar areas of hotels. When picking lamps, be sure to choose ones that match the theme or look of the restaurant or bar. This is important as you’ll want the lamps to supplement your space. Choosing a lamp that’s too different can be quite jarring and can make your restaurant or bar look less appealing.

Aside from the design of the lamps, you’ll also want to make sure that the light quality is also optimal for your space. The lamps that will illuminate the hotel’s food & drink areas While it’s important to create an atmosphere of hospitality, you also want to make sure that it’s conducive for the dining experience. If you want to set a generally calming and comfortable mood, choose natural or incandescent light sources (no more than 3,000 K), while if you want to achieve a stimulating and dynamic environment, install fluorescent sources (3,300 K–5,300 K).


While it may seem difficult to improve hotel lighting, it becomes a lot more manageable when you know what you’re doing. We hope these tips prove to be useful when it comes to helping you optimize your hotel lighting projects. If you need more help with lighting, make sure to reach out to lighting professionals.

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