The Quirky But Elegant Riu Plaza New York Times Square Hotel

Jul 14, 2019

The Quirky But Elegant Riu Plaza New York Times Square Hotel 2

The Riu Plaza New York Times Square Hotel is an elegant travelers’ destination with 29 floors and more than 600 upscale rooms. Each room comes with a miniature fridge, high definition satellite television, WiFi, multimedia capabilities, an electronic safe, a desk, adjustable central air and heating, and other perks.

This recently built hotel is perfectly situated in mid-Manhattan at Times Square with convenient access to subways, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, and Fifth Avenue luxury shopping.

The hotel has won a number of awards and certificates, including the HolidayCheck 2018 Award and TUI Top Quality Award for 2018.

This popular Times Square hotel has some unique venues in its public spaces, including a Fashion bar, “The Theater Buffet,” and the Capital Bar, offering a “Grab & Go” concept.

The RIU Hotels & Resorts hotel chain has been in business since 1953 when it was founded in Playa de Palma, Spain as a small boutique hotel. RIU Hotels & Resorts now has approximately 100 hotels in 19 different counties.

The Riu Plaza line of hotels is their urban brand, featuring modern, upscale hotels in major cities such as Panama City, Panama; Guadalajara, Mexico; and Berlin, Germany. The Riu Plaza New York Times Square Hotel was launched in 2016 as one of their flagship properties. PTY Lighting handled lighting and design for the restaurants and lobbies of this iconic hotel.

Why PTY Lighting Was Chosen for This Hotel Lighting Project

PTY Lighting was tasked by Omnibuild Construction, Pineapple Developments to complete the contract hotel lighting for the public spaces at the Riu Plaza New York Times Square Hotel.

We created unique public space lighting for the lobby, restaurant, and other common areas on the first floor of the luxury hotel property.

We were chosen for this challenging project because of our proven experience with public space lighting, our 60-day lead time, and competitive pricing. Many of our clients these days need a quick turnaround to take advantage of new market opportunities. This requires careful coordination with all stakeholders involved from the hotel owners to the construction company working on the interior of the building.

PTY Lighting is known for its excellent communication and ability to work well with diverse clients and multiple teams. We enjoy working with our design partners, and our fantastic results speak for themselves.

The Unique Interior of the Riu Plaza New York Times Square Hotel

A hotel located in the heart of Manhattan at Times Square needs to “pop” and be interesting to guests, travelers, and visitors who might stop by a drink at the hotel bar.

We worked with a highly creative interior design team that created a very eye-catching aesthetic for this modern hotel. Eschewing the drab, muted greys and earth tones that have often been the featured palette for interior decorating as of late, this hotel exudes color. For example, one of the eating spaces mixes purples and teals with white and black for a colorful yet modern look – a slight hint of the fun 1980s is apparent, without all the kitsch.

Into this space, we provided lights that accented the fun aqua-lit curves and chrome bubbles decorating the walls. Dark teal circular ceiling lamps with strong straight lines still allow a lot of light to shine down. Long, rectangular lights with rounded corners provide ambient lighting from the grey and black rectangular pillars in the room.

The “Grab & Go” food area is light by whimsical curved cones that provide direct light above the food. The deli area features an update to old-fashioned “busy” wallpaper, and here, fun birdcages also double as hanging lamps.

The lobby features some of the striking artisanal lamps we are known for. For example, a group of pendant light fixtures is styled with accordion-like circular disks that glow in a comforting, welcoming, warm light. At one end, 5 Edison-style light bulbs hang staggered in a row, to provide a friendly glow by a sitting area.

These are just some of the special lighting solutions we developed for this very quirky yet elegant hotel space.

Why Customers Should Consider Us for Custom Lighting Projects 

PTY Lighting designs and manufactures top quality contract hotel lighting and hospitality lighting. With our highly experienced lighting consultants and designers, PTY Lighting goes one step further, producing hospitality lighting with our in-house manufacturing on the latest production equipment. For these reasons and more, we are chosen by the top hospitality groups to deliver premiere custom hotel lighting for the number one luxury hotels around the globe.