The Psychology of Lighting in Hotel Interior Design

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The Psychology of Lighting in Hotel Interior Design

There are elements that guests are drawn to when they enter a hotel. Most of the time, you may think that it’s the art or fixtures in your hotel’s structure. Although these are correct, there’s an underlying and somewhat hidden element that boosts the visual appeal of your hotel’s interiors. 

Sometimes your hotel’s lighting can be an obvious focal point, such as a magnificent chandelier. And in some cases, it can be a clever play of lighting and shadows that elevate the movement and flow of your space. With that being said, there is a psychology that you have to follow when you want to breathe light into your interiors. 

The Roles of Custom Hospitality Lighting in Interior Design

Color Management

When you want to inject lighting fixtures and effects into a hotel space, you need to ensure that you play with the interior’s color scheme to create distinct moods. With a great understanding of your hotel’s interiors, you’ll be able to use lighting to emphasize certain areas or detract people from them. 

Besides the room’s color, you should also consider the way sunlight affects the area’s circadian rhythm. This is the biological mechanism that tells your body it’s time to sleep or wake up. 

With color and sunlight in mind, you’ll be able to create custom hospitality lighting elements that could create an illusion of space and add comfort to a room.

Directional Lighting

When you have a good understanding of your hotel’s space, you’ll be able to play with lighting fixtures to help draw attention to specific elements.

For example, when a guest enters your hotel, you want to take them straight to the reception area. You can do this by making your reception desk brightly lit so it serves as a signal to the guests on what they should do next. 

Besides that, subtle lighting can highlight lounge areas and waiting rooms to comfort the traveler and guests. Ideally, you want to use indirect and warm lighting fixtures to create a relaxing atmosphere. 

Functional Lighting

There are a few functions your custom hospitality lighting must have:

  • General ambient lighting: This will provide visibility in rooms and baths, as well as set the mood;

  • Task lighting: Often situated on the desk or bedside table;

  • Mirror lighting: Provides adequate light for when guests use the vanity;

  • Overhead lighting: Often found in the bathroom, this lighting should glare and provide sufficient light for the guests;

  • Accent lighting: Added to create an atmosphere in the room;

  • Subtle night lights: To help guests navigate the space in the dark without harsh lights.

Understanding of Space

When you use the right techniques to illuminate your hotel’s space, you can create an illusion of making the area much bigger than it actually is. With proper lighting, you’ll be able to maximize the space for utility, which could result in fewer windows. You’ll also be able to play with your furniture and create a comfortable area, even with a much smaller space. 

The Bottom Line: Custom Hospitality Lighting Can Elevate the Interiors of Your Hotel

Lighting can be an intimidating part of interior design as it helps create an illusion and mood while making sure it functions perfectly. For this reason, it’s best to work with expert custom hospitality lighting designers to ensure that proper techniques are being taken to create a comfortable living space in your hotel.

How Can We Help You?

If you’re thinking of taking your hotel’s interior design to another level, consider playing around with light. Thankfully, PTY Custom Lighting is here to help.

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