The Lighting Manufacturing Process

Custom Lighting Manufacturing

As hospitality lighting manufacturers and decorative lighting designers, we save you money by cutting out the middleman. Our streamlined process includes a framework that adapts, evolves, and responds to your specific hospitality needs. With over three decades of lighting design and manufacturing experience, we have helped hundreds of clients complete their projects on time and under budget.

Take a look at our process in more detail below. Starting with:

Your Sketches & Inspiration

During this preliminary stage, we open the conversation with a focus on your goals, inspiration, material specifications, & any other details you may have. 

Draw it on a napkin and we will make it come to life.

This is where we take your custom lighting ideas & sketches. Here our goal is to gather all the information, intentions, and ideas to prepare a quote for you.


During the renderings stage, we take your custom lighting sketches and bring them to life for you and your design team to review.

This is where you get a first glimpse at your concepts becoming a reality. Here we work together to tweak the design to fit your intentions for the space. Here our goal is to ensure you are happy with what the end result will look like, tweak measurements & sizing, and make any final adjustments prior to creating a detailed shop drawing.

Shop Drawing and Finish Approval

During this stage, we take your custom lighting specifications from sketches and renderings to create detailed shop drawings for review with your design team.

This is where detailed specifications make or break the project. Here our goal is to resolve any issues, offer revisions, and have your team sign off on final drawings before production.

In addition to approving the shop drawings we also focus on finishes. To streamline this we have created a sample finish briefcase which we can ship to you to simplify this stage of the process. It is important to communicate and review as quickly as possible to begin production & ensure an on time delivery for your project.


After drawings and finishes are approved, the clock starts on production of your custom lights. We will also create any prototypes during this time and approve what is needed. Our staff will keep you informed during manufacturing, providing pictures and videos during the process.

Packaging & Shipping

Post-production, our hospitality lighting facilities will package and prepare the order for shipment and make sure everything arrives safely, in one piece. Our logistics specialists have the experience and shipping network to deliver the order as quickly and cost-effective as possible. Once packaged, your lighting goods will set off on their way to the final destination.

Installation & Tech Support

Although we don’t provide the labor for installation of your custom lighting fixtures, we certainly can guide on-site techs/electricians through the process. Aside from personal communication and assistance, we also provide all necessary literature and instructions to help along the way.

Up to code and always conscious in production


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The Lighting Manufacturing Process 2