The Art of Powerful First Impressions in Hotel Design

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The Art of Powerful First Impressions in Hotel Design

Seven seconds is all that it takes to make a first impression, as Forbes has said. In such a short amount of time, people can already draw huge impressions from whatever their eyes lay on. This is why creating a good first impression is essential in many aspects of life, whether it’s meeting someone face to face or visiting a place for the first time. 

Excellent impressions are crucial to the hospitality industry, especially when running hotels, resorts, and other luxurious accommodations. Usually, hotels are rated based on how they look, from the exteriors, interiors, and offered amenities. Once a guest steps inside the premises, they’re already mentally crafting the first sentences of their written feedback or what they will tell their friends. 

For hotels, attention to detail is everything. Each room needs to be spic and span, facilities should be clean and useful, and all decor should match the visual aesthetic your hotel is aiming for to contribute to the overall ambiance. After all, what your guests see will affect their mood, significantly impacting their experience. 

If one thing plays the most prominent role in creating a lasting first impression, it would be your overall hotel design. From the lobby to the en suite, and from the décor to custom hospitality lighting, let’s uncover the art of hotel design in this article.

Lobby: Are the Lights Bright Enough to Offer A Warm Welcome?

One important aspect of hotel design is light. Just like how it is in photography, light adds depth to stimulate visual pleasure. If your hotel’s lobby has gorgeous lighting, it can instantly affect the mood of your guests, which creates a great first impression. Upon arrival, your lighting should contribute to creating a sense of welcome in the new space your guests are entering. 

There is a study on how color and contrast in hotel lobby lighting fixtures can influence guests. The study showed that “lighting variables and contrast have significant effects on subjects’ emotional states of arousal and pleasure, behavioral intentions, perceived hotel image, and lighting preference.”

Lighting in the hotel lobby can wow your guests, along with superb customer service, of course. You can also add striking centerpieces and other decorative furnishings to serve as a statement for your hotel. 

Guest Room: Are the Lights Warm Enough to Offer Comfort? 

One of the most critical rooms in the hotel is the guest room. It is called a “guest room” for a reason—it’s bound to be arranged according to the guest’s needs and preferences.

In line with that, it is essential to provide a comfortable and stylish room for your guests. If they feel good in the space they’ll be sleeping in, and they will most likely feel satisfied with their overall stay. Some guests also work in their rooms while some prefer to lounge in the room all day—this is why you should have good lighting for the guest rooms. 

Lack of good lighting can create an impression of an unclean environment, which can be an immediate turn-off. Another thing to consider is the furniture, especially the bed. They must look and feel cozy enough to provide a good night’s sleep. 

En Suite: Are the Lights Enough to Create an Impression of Luxury? 

If you want to elevate your hotel and create a memorable experience for VIPs, the en suite offers you a chance to impress your guests. Everything in the en suite should be an upgrade from all the other spaces you have in the hotel. 

Meaning, you need to get your lighting fixtures from premium decorative lighting manufacturers to create an impression of luxury. On top of that, you’ll also need to level up furniture, accessories, and toiletries down to the smallest hand towel. 


When you pay more attention to design philosophy, especially regarding lighting, you can reach your guests on a deeper level. Understanding a person’s response to lighting can help you boost a guest’s experience as soon as they enter your hotel. 

PTY Custom Lighting experts have a deep connection and thorough knowledge on the meaning of lighting and how important it is to hotel design. Contact us for a collaboration on your custom hospitality lighting design today!

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