Client Testimonials

What Do Our Clients Say?

At PTY Lighting, we know custom lighting from the inside out. As one of the top hospitality lighting suppliers, we are recognized for our high-quality lighting fixtures, expert custom lighting design, and top-notch quality service. Read what some of our past customers have had to say bout our custom lighting and hardware solutions.

Testimonials 1

“Omni Build Construction’s a company based in New York City, and our firm has worked with PTY Lighting on a number of both small and large projects, and continue to count on them for decorative lighting. We, and our clients, are very satisfied with the lighting that they have manufactured.” – Peter Serpico, President & CEO

Testimonials 2

“Being that they provide custom lighting, there are times when issues arise, but they have always responded to any challenges quickly and have worked to provide lasting solutions. Their dependability is part of the reason why I view them as a go-to vendor for my projects needing decorative lighting.” – Ashly Stepp, Interior Designer/Project Manager

Testimonials 3

“I can attest that in our experience, PTY Lighting has delivered on their promises of quality lighting while delivering in a timely manner, and offering it all at very budget friendly costs. They also respond quickly to any issues that arise and work to resolve the problem with our best interests in mind.” – Angela Bossi, Procurement Manager

Testimonials 4

“The PTY Lighting team has consistently gone above and beyond to make sure the lighting installation has gone successfully. They have done an excellent job, offering consultation and support throughout the process. The team even sent the project manager to the site, for a week, to help in the modification of one of their fixtures.” – Donald Ray, Project Superintendent

Testimonials 5

“The owner of that property was ecstatic with the results and singled out the lighting that PTY delivered, which was stellar. They made several large scale fixhlres that transformed the public spaces at that hotel. The owners also referenced the good se1vice that they received while working with PTY Lighting.” – Oren Whitfield, Vice President

Testimonials 6

“PTY Lighting offers high quality services and has been valuable contributors in various projects. I can say that I have always been satisfied with their work and their professional manner. The purchasing experience went very smoothly and PTY Lighting’s service was efficient and skilled with addressing our orders. I consider them a model vendor to work with.” – Patrice Bourbonnais, President

Testimonials 7

“Our clients have since received numerous compliments from members and visitors, who were all impressed by the large scale, superior quality and exceptional craftsmanship. We intend to continue our relationship with PTY Custom Lighting as more of our clients desire custom lighting.” – Faiza Al-Sayed, President

Testimonials 8

“PTY has delivered high quality lights for the guest rooms and parts of the public areas. The vendor was flexible with respect to the numerous design changes, and the vision for the lighting on this project. The competitive pricing for their products, and its evident fine workmanship equal the type of contribution we look for in our collaborators.”
– Julia Dias, Latin American GM

Testimonials 9

“I’ve worked with many hospitality vendors over the years and Joe and his team are indeed a highlight. It was a singular pleasure working with PTY developing the spectacular crystal lighting that perfectly complemented the spaces around the resort. The lighting are an integral part of our aesthetics and ads to the prestige of our property.” – Benito Migliorati, President

Testimonials 10

“This was the first major project we have done with PTY Lighting, I was nervous. But much to my surprise and delight, PTY turned out to be one of our best vendors. There were always questions to be answered and PTY Lighting customer service never faltered, always responding within hours. Once shop drawings were approved, their production schedule remained on schedule for an on time delivery.” – Jim Fanto, President