Restaurants Should Learn These 5 Lighting Tips

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Restaurants Should Learn These 5 Lighting Tips

When it comes to the pleasure of dining out, we usually choose a place not just for its delicious menu but also because of the ambiance. We’re talking about mood, atmosphere, customer service, and of course, the lighting. Whether you’re out on a romantic date, a graduation celebration, or a birthday dinner, you’d be surprised at how much a restaurant’s lighting can influence your hot take on its food.

You heard that right—lighting systems in restaurants need to be well-designed. Unfortunately, they become the most neglected aspect. Not many people know this, but lighting can significantly impact a customer’s experience as it dictates one’s overall improvement in mood. Above all, beautiful lighting entices customers into your restaurant.

Don’t let us keep you! Read on to find out what restaurants should learn about these five lighting design tips!

Tip #1: Go for Function First

To make things visible, restaurant lighting should be employed. It’s one thing to establish the scene by dimming the lights; it’s quite another when your guests use flashlights to read the menu or locate the cutlery. Consider the type of lighting you choose as spotlights for your meal. With proper lighting, you’ll get to show off the food presentation for your customer’s satisfaction.

Tip #2: Take Advantage of Natural Lighting

Ask yourself: daytime or nighttime? Whether you’re open for the day or the night, think of the ways light can affect your customer’s dining experience. As much as possible, let the light in during the day. After that, you can optimize your lighting fixtures. It’s important to also consider how to protect your customers’ eyes as the sun sets through the westward facing windows in the evening.

Tip #3: Give The Mood For Food

You want the atmosphere of your restaurant to complement the cuisine you offer. It makes no sense to invest in romantic lighting if you’re running a fast-food restaurant or to have fluorescent lighting in a fine dining place. Install dimmer switches in the dining area to accommodate varied moods and fine-tune different lighting techniques for various events. This way, you get your investment’s worth.

Tip #4: Invest in a Little Flattery

It turns out that the design aspect of your restaurant’s lighting isn’t as simple as changing light bulbs, installing expensive fixtures, and turning the switches on. When arranging the lighting for your restaurant’s tables, consider if the illumination flatters your visitors. Direct overhead lighting, for example, casts shadows on the guests’ faces, making them appear tired. The right lighting will highlight the cuisine and reflect off the table beneath your visitors’ chins. Watch out for these!

Tip #5: Mind the Hues of the Bulbs

The lights you choose to highlight your restaurant can certainly make an impact. Incandescent lights emit a softer light, while fluorescent bulbs could be harsh for both daytime and nighttime use. The use of fluorescent bulbs should be reserved for fast food establishments where customers want to eat quickly and go on, making the harsh lighting unnoticeable.


It’s easy to overlook how much lighting can affect one’s mood, especially during meals! If you’re thinking about launching your restaurant soon or planning to increase foot traffic in your establishment, know that these tips can improve your standing.

Before you begin, however, it’s best to consult the services of a professional team. In no time, you’ll be improving everyone’s moods, from your team to your customers.

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