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From Concept to Creation

Our motto is “From Concept to Creation.” This refers to our capabilities as an all-in-one lighting solution. We can help you from initial concept and design to the manufacturing of your one-of-a-kind lights. With our manufacturing expertise, we can come up with the most cost-effective lighting solutions that can still express your vision.

Superior Support

Once we manufacture your light fixtures, we don’t leave you hanging. We provide prompt and efficient logistical support to make sure your lighting order gets delivered on-time in the most cost-effective way possible. Once your lights have arrived, we can be available to support for your on-site electricians and technicians as they install your lighting.

Lighting Design Expertise

In addition to being hospitality lighting manufacturers, we offer full custom lighting design services. Our expert consultants will review your needs – from your notes to detailed specifications – and draft detailed illustrations to begin the process.

Custom Lighting Manufacturer

Other hotel lighting suppliers often have to source their lights from other manufacturing companies. With the supplier as the middleman, extra costs can be embedded into the process. With PTY Custom Lighting, there is no middleman. We are the manufacturer, and not merely just hotel lighting suppliers.

Hospitality Lighting Experts

We have successfully completed lighting projects for some of the top 5-star hotels and renowned restaurants in the world. We keep up on all the latest lighting trends, from versatile and energy-efficient LED lighting to decorative incandescent lighting. When you work with PTY Custom Lighting, you can rest assured that you are being cared for by experts in restaurant and hotel lighting design.