Reimagine Your Hotel Spaces with These Decorative Lighting Ideas

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Reimagine Your Hotel Spaces with These Decorative Lighting Ideas

Hotel lighting involves many details, such as finding the most suitable type of lighting, decorative style, elegance, and taste, and giving great attention to detail. These factors determine how you want an area to be enhanced to provide a desirable impact for your visitors. Inside out, both your guests and staff will benefit from what beautiful lighting can offer to a place.

Now, let’s reimagine your hotel spaces with these decorative lighting ideas:

Using Decorative Lamps for Indoors

The Hall

The Hall is where you make your first impression. Here, you want to focus on giving guests a hospitable and warm entrance, so pick out an intricate chandelier that provides light to the reception area. Let the focal point be the centerpiece that complements the rest of the light fixtures.

The Reception Area

The Reception Area is where all the interaction truly begins. When welcoming customers, you want to focus on decorative lighting with ambiance. Illuminate the environment and add modern elements like frosted glass in multiple colors. Add personality while keeping the mood intimate and comfortable.

The Rooms

Choose ornamental lighting that gives off a pleasant atmosphere for the rooms and suites.  Visitors want a luxurious home away from home, makinglike it a goal to deliver a comfortable ambiance while guaranteeing optimum functioning.

You may provide focus points with warm tones surrounding the bed by placing wall lights over the bedside tables. In addition, install table lamps on the desk to provide adequate illumination for work and reading.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most impactful areas in any place. Although it’s a small space, you must have an eye for specific and functional lighting with suitable brightness levels. Each region of your hotel’s bathroom must give off a relaxed environment.

You can also decorate with function by installing wall lamps like a makeup lamp for its functionality dedicated to personal care. To maintain intimacy, focus on indirect light and soft tones, and avoid placing lamps directly against the mirrors and above the bathtub and shower.

The Bar and Restaurant

You will need to alter the lighting in the bar and restaurant based on the service hours. Allow guests to enjoy the early sun as they begin their day. Focus on energy and a gradient of light during midday to encourage your visitors to consume fast. Play with lighting and shadows during dinnertime to create a calm and formal atmosphere.

Choose lights with optimal illumination as focus points to direct visitors to their seats, read the menu comfortably, and visually appreciate the delicacies before eating them. Create a dynamic environment in the bar by utilizing lights with polished shapes of layered glass for that vaporous and suffusive look.

Using Decorative Lamps for Outdoors

The outside appearance of a hotel is critical since it should be an enticing invitation. Satisfy client expectations and persuade them that the hotel you’re constructing can provide a one-of-a-kind experience by selecting the best lighting systems to enhance the outside spaces.

The Courtyard

Make use of outdoor locations to provide a memorable experience for your guests. Even when visitors are outside, they want to feel as if they are in an intimate and welcoming environment, so pick lighting with a gentle and mild luminosity that generates calming tones.

The Garden

Accentuating the green grounds outside the hotel with appropriate lighting can improve the experience of your tourists. Installing lighting to assist and accompany guests on their travels might help you construct routes.


Hotels are meant to be a place of relaxation. Guests are always looking for that unique experience they’ll cherish forever, and the best way to do that is to deliver top-quality ambiance using vital elements in hotel lighting. Be sure to keep these suggestions in mind to achieve your hotel goals!

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