PTY Lighting’s Custom Restaurant Lighting for American Cut Steakhouse Restaurant

Jul 14, 2019

PTY Lighting’s Custom Restaurant Lighting for American Cut Steakhouse Restaurant 2

Custom restaurant lighting can enhance any restaurant, but it works especially well in America’s top steakhouses.

Known as the “#1 Steakhouse in America”, American Cut Steakhouse is a premier upscale steak restaurant based in New York City. With two hot NYC locations in Tribeca and Manhattan, American Cut Steakhouse also has a location in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and the affluent Buckhead district in Atlanta, Georgia.

American Cut Steakhouse is owned by Chef Marc Forgione. Award-winning Chef Forgione is best known for being the winner of season 3 of Food Network’s “The Next Iron Chef” at the age of 31 years old, which was the youngest age of any winner during the history of the show. He also owns two other renowned restaurants: Restaurant Marc Forgione and Lobster Press.

The company that operates American Cut Steakhouse, LDV Hospitality, is known for promoting a luxurious experience at its 28 food and beverage venues, fine restaurants, upscale bars, and posh nightclubs spread around the world. The aesthetic of LDV Hospitality is to “take inspiration from the iconic classics of Old World cultures and adapt them to our modern social life.”

PTY Lighting was tasked with designing the custom lighting for three of the American Cut Steakhouse locations: Midtown Manhattan in New York City; Atlantic City, New Jersey; and the Buckhead district in Atlanta, Georgia.

American Cut Steakhouse Restaurant Midtown: Manhattan, New York

Any upscale steakhouse in Midtown Manhattan needs the best in custom restaurant lighting. PTY Lighting worked with Omnibuild Construction, LDV Hospitality, and SL Design for this important restaurant lighting project due to its high visibility. American Cut Steakhouse Midtown is located at 109 East 56th Street at The Lombardy Hotel, a four-star hotel located near Rockefeller Center.

PTY Lighting provided public space lighting throughout this deco-inspired restaurant. We were chosen for this project because of our track record with previous American Cut restaurants working with the same ownership group.

The restaurant includes a 36-seat bar and lounge section that features an interactive craft cocktail program. The distinctive custom lighting includes striking geometric ceiling lights in squares, rectangles, and cubes featuring strong lines, bringing together a modern feel with the nostalgic art deco aesthetic. Two burnished half-silver domes light up the cocktail area. The long, rectangular silver wall sconces are sleek yet inviting.

All in all, this custom restaurant lighting project was a huge success, helping put this new steakhouse on the NYC map.

American Cut Steakhouse Atlantic City: Englewood, New Jersey

American Cut Steakhouse has a branch located at the famous Atlantic City boardwalk at the Ocean Resort Casino. This upscale luxury casino bucks the downscale trend set earlier by old-fashioned “tacky” casinos that used to be the standard fare in this seaside gambling town. The addition of the American Cut Steakhouse supports the recent revitalization of Atlantic City as it works to attract more millennials.

This was PTY Lightning’s first project for an American Cut Steakhouse location. We were chosen due to our ability to work with interior designers to create large, custom public space lighting fixtures.

Omnibuild Construction, LDV Hospitality, and SL Design were PTY Lightings partners on this custom restaurant lighting project to provide custom lighting throughout the new steak restaurant.

American Cut Steakhouse Buckhead: Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia is not called “Hotlanta” just for the steamy summer weather. This happening city has its share of fascinating nightlife and five-star restaurants for discerning foodies.

The Buckhead district in Atlanta is located in the northern part of the city and is surrounded by high-rise offices, posh hotels, historic mansions, and upscale condos. This affluent area draws visitors due to its boutique shops and top-rated restaurants such as American Cut Steakhouse.

PTY Lightning was once again invited to design, engineer, and manufacture custom lighting for this new location of the American Cut brand due to our past success with them.

We worked with Omnibuild Construction, LDV Hospitality, and SL Design to construct memorable public space lighting throughout this in-demand restaurant. A lounge and bar make up the first floor. The main dining area upstairs seats 102, and two private dining rooms offer an even more “upscale and decadent” dining experience. The restaurant offering a warm, intimate atmosphere with recessed lighting and art-deco style overhead lamps with ironwork tiers.

Why Customers Should Consider Us for Custom Restaurant Lighting Projects

PTY Lighting provides the best in contract restaurant lighting and hospitality lighting. Beyond just design and engineering, PTY Lighting provides hospitality lighting manufacturing with the latest production equipment. For these reasons and more, we are chosen by the top hospitality groups to deliver premiere custom restaurant lighting for the number one restaurants in America and the world.