Tips to Properly Illuminate Your Hotel Lobby for Hospitality

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Tips to Properly Illuminate Your Hotel Lobby for Hospitality

The way your hotel lobby is illuminated will have various effects on your guests. With the right lighting, you can immediately create a feeling of hospitality and warm reception. Below are some tips and tricks on how to achieve this feeling through lighting:

1. Identify the Concept for the Lobby

Take a look at the furniture and the design pieces going on in the lobby and identify their concept. By doing so, you should be able to come up with a specific theme for your lobby and understand what its aesthetic is.

By identifying what kind of theme the lobby has, you should be able to find lighting that matches it. You can easily find lamps or chandeliers that will match these pieces and maintain the aesthetic that has been created for the lobby.

2. Consider the Space

You need to ensure that the entire place is well-illuminated since it is a lobby where people arrive and guests will be received. You need to understand the space well to strategically place the lighting around.

This will ensure that the place is not only fully lit but that the lighting is balanced out. You can achieve this balance by making sure no place is underlit or over-lit.

3. Match the Temperature

Does your lobby have a warm or cool temperature? This depends on the wallpapers, the furniture, and your overall goal. Make sure to match this temperature with the lighting you are using.

A warmer temperature gives off a bright welcome that happily accepts your guests, but a cooler temperature makes the place seem more relaxing. Depending on your hotel’s motif, this would be different and important for each location.

4. Choose Creative Lamps

While settling for basic lamp styles seems to be a safe choice that could easily match your furniture, it is not fun and enjoyable. Choose unique lamp designs that not everybody would see on a daily basis to make it more fun for your guests in the lobby. Unique lamp designs will be attractive and appealing when in the lobby that a lot of people would enjoy.

Just make sure that you know how to match it with your other design and furniture pieces, though. While creative lamps may look great, they can easily stand out and look out of place if not matched properly with your other furniture and design pieces.

5. Have a Focal Point

Don’t just focus your entire energy on lighting the room properly—make sure to do this lighting with style, as well. Have a focal point when it comes to your lighting, which as you guessed it, is a chandelier.

While you may choose to not have a chandelier and opt for something else instead, a chandelier is a classic choice that could never go wrong. Make sure to select an elegant centerpiece that would catch everyone’s attention. Place it in the center of the room for everyone to see and marvel at while they are in your hotel lobby.


How your lobby’s lighting looks is very important for your guests. They may not know it, but the feeling of reception and hospitality when they first enter a hotel will depend greatly on the lobby, including that of the lighting. Make sure that you make your guests feel welcome with our tips above.

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