How to Find the Perfect Lighting for Your Hotel Bathroom

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How to Find the Perfect Lighting for Your Hotel Bathroom

Running a hotel business requires a lot of hard work. You do everything you can to treat each of your guests with the utmost care, striving to please and satisfy them to get a good review and acquire loyal and returning customers.

Besides doing your best to improve your amenities, the rooms that you take care of require good hotel lighting as well. From the bedroom down to the bathroom, their fixtures need the correct placement to complement each space! Although they don’t seem as important as the other aspects of your hotel at first, lighting plays a crucial role in giving your guests a memorable time in your hotel. 

Keep reading below to find out some things you can do to boost your hotel lighting design to prove the importance of your fixtures for your bathrooms and other rooms in general.

You Could Consider Various Light Placements

Installing the right hotel bathroom lighting requires careful thinking, and you don’t have to limit yourself to just one kind of lighting and placement. You are free to incorporate different fixtures, especially if you want to distribute the light and brighten up the space properly.

When you settle for a sole overhead lighting due to budget constraints, or if you don’t pay too much attention to its impact on the bathroom or the people using it, you can expect bad results. Unfortunately, the lighting setup ends up becoming too harsh for smaller-sized spaces. As such, you should opt for multiple fixtures with lower lumens to improve your hotel bathroom.

You Could Focus on the Perfect Color Temperature

The color temperature of the hotel room lighting you pick out is just as crucial as the lumens because it can greatly affect the mood of your guests. When it comes to bathrooms, you will need lighting with the right amount of cool and warm color temperature.

The cool tones offer comfort, while the warm colors help maintain people’s natural skin tone every time they get ready and use the bathroom mirror. If you want to stay on the safe side, you should put up lights between 2700k-3500k and keep them at the same temperature to prevent discomfort.   

You Could Pick Out the Best Kind of Fixture

Every room needs to have a general source of overhead light, which is significantly bigger than the rest of the hotel lighting fixtures, to assert its use. It needs to be mounted high on the ceiling and is best recessed to distribute light without being too harsh. 

Your lighting setup shouldn’t get in the way and create glares each time your guests need to use the mirror. If you want to enhance their experience, it will be best to add wall lights mounted on both sides of the mirror to provide more light to their faces and reduce shadows for a better view. 

You Could Add Dimmers for Customizable Options 

One way to provide a very comfortable and relaxing experience is to consider adding dimmers to your lighting—not only in the bedroom but also in the bathroom too! That way, your guests can adjust the level of brightness when it’s too bright or too dark and base it according to their needs. 


Hotel management is a huge responsibility, but you can take on the role with grace if you know what you’re doing. When it comes to the property’s lighting, you can think of initiating ways to give your guests the time of their life. You can consider various light placements, focus on the perfect color temperature, pick out the best kind of fixture, and add customizable dimmers, to name a few. For best results, you should reach out to a custom lighting manufacturer to help you decide on the best lighting fixtures for your hotel.  

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