Our Complete Guide to Planning Your Hotel’s Lighting

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Our Complete Guide to Planning Your Hotel’s Lighting

One of the most critical factors that can make or break your hotel’s vibe and aesthetics is lighting. Each area of your hotel has a purpose, and you want to make sure that each space is well-decorated with the right lighting fixtures to maximize each room’s potential. 

Planning your hotel’s lighting can be a bit tricky. But if you work with a reputable custom lighting manufacturer, you’ll figure out ways to light each area of your hotel with the right lighting design, systems, and even incorporate energy-saving materials that would benefit your business in the long run. 

If you’re planning to give your hotel its much-needed lighting upgrade, keep reading. This article is our complete guide to help you plan your hotel’s lighting. If you’re ready, grab your pen and paper, and let’s get started!

Hotel lobby lighting

The primary purpose of a hotel lobby is to welcome your guests. Here, you’ll find the reception desk, waiting lounge, and other passageways that will lead guests to various areas of your hotel. Because of that, you must have the right lighting for this area to immediately impress your guests the moment they enter your hotel.

Depending on your hotel’s theme or vibe, you can either brighten the lobby using a dominant lighting style or opt for a welcoming light by playing with warm tones and contrasts. Besides that, you need to make sure there is a balance between vertical and horizontal lighting to provide the area with softer shadows and a warmer atmosphere. 

Hotel corridor lighting

For hotel corridors, the custom lighting design must be functional. This is because you need to help your guests identify the path leading to different rooms, stairs, and elevators. With hotel corridors, you can play with the lighting levels, depending on your hallways’ width. 

When you’re deciding on your corridors’ lighting design, keep in mind that you want to make your hallways seem higher and wider and not too long. You don’t want your guests to feel like they’re in a tight and dark space while finding their way to their rooms. 

Hotel room lighting

One of the main features your hotel rooms must have is a customizable lighting panel for guests. Your guests are spending a night or two in an unfamiliar setting, and you want to make sure that you provide tools that can help them create a comfortable space to stay in.

Providing a lighting control panel to your guests is vital, but you also need to ensure that your standard room lighting is already at its best in its standard mode.

Ideally, a hotel room’s lighting should be warm and shouldn’t have strong contrasts and glares. Besides that, you want to avoid monotonous lighting by adding depth and layers through shadows and lighting fixtures. 

Hotel bathroom lighting

Each hotel room has a bathroom, and just like other parts of your hotel, the lighting in this room is equally important. 

When creating a lighting design for your bathrooms, you want to make sure that the attention of your light is directed to your vanity or mirror. When you properly illuminate the mirror and sink area, you’ll be able to illuminate the whole room by diffusing the main light component to fill the space in the bathroom. 

Lighting for common areas

For the other common areas of the hotel, you’ll want to play with your design by integrating your lighting with the area’s architecture and furniture. 

When lighting the common areas of your hotel, use energy-saving lighting solutions that are also eco-friendly because these areas need to be illuminated all the time. 


Designing your hotel’s lighting can be a bit tricky since you’ll have to consider so many factors, depending on each room. But if you work with a reliable custom lighting manufacturer, you can guarantee that you’ll get a functional and impressive lighting design that will illuminate all areas of your hotel, impressing all your guests.

Figuring out your hotel’s lighting design shouldn’t be too challenging. Consider working with contract hotel lighting companies like PTY Custom Lighting to help you with your lighting needs. We are a team of custom lighting experts who provide designing and manufacturing services to hotels and architectural firms. Learn more about services today!

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