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Our Light Shines Brighter Together

A team is only as strong as its weakest link. At PTY Lighting, we make sure our chain of integrity is strong as can be, to provide peace of mind for our custom lighting clients. It helps that we also love what we do. Designing decorative lighting solutions is fun, rewarding, and fulfilling. As one of the top hospitality lighting companies, we pride ourselves on our teamwork and creativity. Meet the people who make PTY Lighting a great company below:

Joe Espinosa


Kenia Espinosa


Teddy Hernandez

Operations Manager

Jin Tang

Head of Accounting

Chris Perez

Director of Sales

Jared Goeller

Director of Marketing

Nicole Espinosa

Customer Operations


Human Resources

We Are Expert Hotel Lighting Manufacturers

PTY Custom Lighting specializes in hospitality lighting. Our results speak for themselves, which is why we are one of the most in-demand hotel lighting manufacturers in the United States. We don’t just help with the design of custom lights, but we manufacturer our lights in-house. This means that we can create high-end work at a reasonable price.

If you need hotel room lighting, contact us at PTY Custom Lighting. We can work with all types of designs and styles, from Mid-Century Modern to Victorian. Whether you have a large hotel chain or a boutique bed and breakfast, we can help create just the right mood lighting to make your guests feel at home and want to come back for another stay.