Tips for Making Your Hotel Lighting More Energy-Efficient

Tips for Making Your Hotel Lighting More Energy-Efficient

Tips for Making Your Hotel Lighting More Energy-Efficient

 If you are looking for ways to cut down on energy use in your establishment, there are a few efficient changes you can make to your lighting to save you energy costs and to become more efficient. Your lighting can make big difference in the number that turns up on your monthly bill. Here are some tips:

Custom LED Lighting

A well-lit hotel puts guests at ease. Bright inviting lights make a space seem clean, cared for, and trustworthy. You don’t have anything to hide. So, when trying to save energy with your lights, you don’t want to sacrifice any ambiance.

That’s why LEDs are perfect for you. LED light bulbs to produce more light for the amount of energy they use – about twice as much as a CFL, one of the most popular light sources on today’s market. So, you’ll never have to lose light for the sake of saving energy.

Lobby Lighting

When it comes to light quality, LEDs are the best and most efficient. LED light bulbs and light fixtures come in a variety of color temperatures from cool to warm. Save money and become more efficient by switching out as many lightbulbs out as you can.

Occupancy Sensors

If you have a larger hotel with a lot of staff and guests always coming and going, you might find yourself leaving lights on often. This can be a waste of energy and money. You may want to save money, but you don’t want guests to end up in dark hallways or busy staff to not be able to see what they’re doing, so you will want to install vacancy sensors.

Simply install them in any areas that will have high traffic areas that you don’t have time to constantly monitor. If you have hallways or conference rooms that get almost no natural light, you can set your sensor to detect when the light level drops to prevent waste of energy by running unnecessary lights again.


Adding dimmers to the rooms can help guests appreciate the little luxuries that come along with being able to choose the strength of their room lighting during their stay. Pillow mints, plush towels, room service, are great luxuries to have but the option to dim the lights should be a standard. Installing dimmers in your hotel rooms will let your guests relax, while also helping you save energy.

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