4 Tricks to Incorporate Luxury Into a Simple Hotel Room

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4 Tricks to Incorporate Luxury Into a Simple Hotel Room

People like how hotels make them feel like they are staying in an elegant and premium version of their home. For many years, this hotel standard has been the defining factor in guests wanting to repeat their experience. Every stay needs to be relaxing and comfortable. Guests should feel that the room has been prepared specially for them. At the end of the day, those are what the guests pay for―the premium vibe and high-quality service.

Hotels make sure that they continue to offer the best service to their guests to be people’s top-of-mind option. As much as possible, all rooms should look clean, classy, and luxurious to give guests an unforgettable time. 

Hotel operators achieve this in many ways. The formula is usually simple. A hotel room is not complete without a big relaxing bed in the middle, a nice carpet or wood flooring, and many classy and unique pieces of furniture placed around the room. Then, add proper lighting, choose a good scent, and make sure everything inside the room is in order. That can satisfy guests enough.

Premium rooms do not always have to be complicated to achieve. There are simple tricks hotels can do to make every room look sleek and luxurious while still keeping them simple and homey. 

Trick #1: Add a Stunning Ceiling Lamp.

Whenever people enter a hotel room, the first thing they see is the bed. Make the room feel extra special by adding a quality ceiling lamp at the center of the room. Place that ceiling lamp right above the bed to turn the room into a stylish and chic-looking space. Make sure to invest in a light that makes the room extravagant-looking while also delivering its purpose. A high-quality ceiling lamp can definitely light up the room.

Trick #2: Disperse the Light.

Scattering the light to the different parts of the room also adds to the luxurious feel. Put one table lamp on every desk and side table or attach wall lights to add to the illumination. 

Placing lights in the right places creates depth and height and draws the eyes’ attention to the most impressive areas. This balance between the light and shade creates cozy spots with a homey feeling. If you want something extra, buying different lights in matching looks can give you a well-coordinated and perfectly curated room. 

Trick #3: Customize Unique Pieces.

It would always be a nice gesture to have a unique piece inside the room, which guests cannot find anywhere else. Whether that would be the light switch, the bulb, the whole ceiling light, the sofa, or the bed, a customized piece would give that wow element, making them feel extra special.

Besides that, custom-made furniture allows the hotel owners to pick quality materials. It is the process of creating pieces that showcase the hotel’s unique personality and design choices, giving the guests a memorable and personalized item to enjoy. 

Trick #4: Make the Bathroom Experience Comfortable.

During rest and travels, taking a bath is a form of relaxation that people staying in hotels usually look forward to. Ensure that your bathroom is fully equipped with accessories that can make their bath time hassle-free and comfortable. That includes having enough hooks for the robes or towels and shelves for the guests’ other bathroom needs. Make sure that you also choose quality pieces that would seamlessly look like interior decors apart from their functions. 


There are many ways you can upgrade your hotel room, but what would make it extra special is your guests’ experience. Adding a personal touch would always add value to your service and help guests feel satisfied with their stay. 

If you are interested in adding unique pieces to your hotel rooms, consider getting custom light fixtures. PTY Custom Lighting can create elegant light designs that match your room’s needs and hotel branding. Contact us today at +1 (855) 303 4500 or [email protected] to discuss how we can bring your room to life. 

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