Lighting Up Your Hotel: 3 Practices You Should Observe

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Lighting Up Your Hotel: 3 Practices You Should Observe

Hotels are all about developing a particular type of ambiance for their guests. For example, beach resort accommodations generally stick to a tropical or cottage core theme. In contrast, luxury hotels close to the city double down on modern design choices. Hospitality industries combine quality service and unique branding stylistic architectural design to create the specific environment they want their clients to experience.

Besides your hotel’s structural design, it’s also necessary to know where you will strategically place your lighting fixtures. In many cases, your lighting options can significantly impact how your guests will feel when setting foot on your premises. This is why hotel owners are particular about how their lighting choices can affect their establishment’s overall appeal.

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Creating an ambiance can be challenging to do since it’s an abstract feeling. You can set it through different means, like choosing the right furnishing options or adding ambient music to fill the silence in your rooms. Choosing your lighting options is one of the many ways to add character and appeal to your hotel’s specific environments, from restaurant areas to guest rooms.

If you want to make a thematic atmosphere in your hotel, here are three lighting practices you should follow:

1. Be mindful of your lighting’s designs

Before you consider a lighting fixture’s wattage and intensity, you should always begin your search by judging its physical appearance. Keep in mind that your lighting fixtures aren’t just for their functional purpose; they also add to your building’s aesthetic design. Interior designers go to great lengths in coordinating furniture, color palettes, and light sources. Knowing when to use lanterns, wall lamps, and chandeliers in a room is necessary to stay consistent with a room’s purpose and thematic direction.

2. Designate specific lighting areas in your rooms

After establishing your rooms’ aesthetic needs, your next objective is to determine the amount of night you’ll need. Hotel rooms generally have several areas, if not multiple rooms. This is why you need to be mindful of how you design your lighting. For example, bathroom spaces need a balance of both functional and aesthetic lighting.

Hotels usually have two lighting configurations for bathroom spaces: a more functional setting covering the entire bathroom and another that focuses on the vanity area. You can choose between different lighting options that will provide you with enough coverage and isolation on your preferred spots.

3. Invest in sustainability and functionality

Remember that your choice of bulbs, lamps, or lanterns will significantly affect your monthly utility bills. Although it’s unlikely that all of them will run simultaneously, you should be ready to brace your finances for the operating expenses you should expect. 

Thankfully, there are eco-friendly and energy-saving options available in the market. Most hospitality establishments are shifting to LED bulbs for energy conservation and better lighting versatility. Besides some products providing dimmer and color adjustment settings, you can also operate them through a smart remote for better and more centralized control.


Finding the ambiance that works for you requires using your building’s different elements to follow a coordinated theme. You can go for a tropical-inspired vibe or a direction that leans toward contemporary design. By applying what you learned from the lighting practices above, your hotel can create a unique and appealing ambiance to entice your guests to stay an extra night or two.

Finding the right products for your hotel requires you to look for suppliers that cater to your needs. If you’re looking for hotel lighting manufacturers to supply you with what you need, our wide selection of lighting options will fit your establishment’s specific needs. Contact us today, and we’ll ensure that your hotel can present a dazzling environment for your guests!

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