Top Lighting Tips Restaurant Managers Need to Know

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Top Lighting Tips Restaurant Managers Need to Know

Whether you’re looking to switch up the restaurant lighting or trying to enhance an existing setup, the best way to achieve the ideal illumination is by taking advantage of the different light sources and options available to you. A restaurant’s illumination should follow an overall theme. Hopefully, you have a great restaurant interior that you’re trying to showcase.

If you are a manager looking to improve the overall situation of your establishment’s lighting, this blog post is for you! Read on to find out the most helpful tips to make your restaurant’s lighting more attractive.

Top Lighting Tips Restaurant Managers Need to Know

1 – Highlight Goods

If you are in the food and beverage service business, you must be aware of the fact that guests are not only interested in the food. For example, if you have a bakery, they are also interested in seeing your cookies, cakes, and other pastries in all their glory. Guests are likely to buy them if they have a perfect view of them.

On another note, goods in your restaurant are more likely to be stolen if not highlighted with correct lighting. The correct lighting will make it hard for thieves to steal your goods without you taking notice.

2 – Focus on the Quality of Light

The quality of the lighting is also important, as you need to make sure that the bulbs aren’t old or burnt out, as this is a sign of carelessness and it is the responsibility of the restaurant manager to ensure that the lights are in good working order.

3 – It is important to choose the correct light sources.

Open or closed lights? This is a question that many restaurant managers need to know. Open lights are typically used in ceilings, and they are typically made out of glass. They are typically placed in a way that they illuminate a space without a lot of glare. Closed lights are the opposite. They also typically come in a glass casing, but they are placed directly into a wall.

Another tip is that a restaurant manager should choose lights based on their surface material, as well as the specific atmosphere the manager wants to create. Different occasions and times of the day may require different lighting options to coincide with the mood. 

4 – Consider the Correct Lighting for Specific Areas

The commercial lighting you select should be appropriate for specific areas of your establishment. For example, the dining area needs to be brightly lit to create an inviting atmosphere, while the bar needs to be well-lit but not too bright.

Your kitchen needs to be brightly lit but not overly bright to create an energetic vibe. If you visit a restaurant that’s too brightly lit, you may feel overwhelmed. A restaurant, in general, needs to have the right lighting for its atmosphere.


If you’re a manager and you truly want to take your restaurant to another level – use any of these suggestions – they’re worth bringing to notice! Also, purchasing your lights from a reliable supplier will ensure that you will use only high-quality light sources in your restaurant. 

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