6 Lighting Tips to Make Your Hotel Lobby Impressive

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6 Lighting Tips to Make Your Hotel Lobby Impressive

In the hospitality industry, the first impression can make or break your business. If you own or manage a hotel, ensure that your customers’ first few minutes in your lobby would go beyond satisfaction. Though a lot must be considered for an impressive hotel lobby, make sure you don’t overlook the value of lighting.

Whatever the type of your hotel may be, keep in mind these essential tips to improve hospitality lighting.

1. Choose Warm, Soft Lighting

Lighting can make or break your lobby. If the lighting is too harsh, your guests would feel intimidated. It can also make your hotel look uninviting. Warm and soft lighting would give your lobby a classical and elegant appeal.

2. Illuminate the Most Important Areas

Imagine yourself walking in your hotel lobby at night. What areas do you see? If you can’t see the front desk, receptionists, or other receptionist stations, your lighting is not sufficient.

You want your guests to be more relaxed in your hotel lobby. Your lighting should not just be eye candy, but functional at the same time. The most important areas to be illuminated would be your registration counter, desk, and perhaps the reception area.

3. Utilize Track Lighting

Track lighting is often the choice of hotels with large hotels. This kind of lighting gives your guests a view of the front desk, receptionists stations, and other parts of the hotel. This will not only make the lobby look classic, but it also gives your guests comfort and security on their first day.

4. Set the Tone You Want for Your Hotel

Having professional lobby lighting can do wonders for your hotel. The ambiance of your lobby should not be only relaxing, but it should also help you create a certain tone for your hotel.

For instance, if you are planning to sell luxury, make sure you make your lobby look elegant and expensive. If the look and feel of your hotel are supposed to be homey, you must make your lobby look warm and welcoming. And if your hotel is supposed to be a little off the beaten path, you need to look for lighting that will give a little stress-freeness.

5. Match Your Lighting to the Hotel Decor

Hotel lobby lighting should always match the overall feel of your hotel’s interior design. If you have a beach hotel, the lighting should go well with the beach theme. The lighting for a mountain resort should have a mountain feel to it and so on.

You can have various interior design themes, but the lighting should always be consistent.

6. Install an Eye-Catching Focal Point

Hotel lobby lighting does not only focus on the overall ambiance of your hotel lobby; you should also focus on decoration. Your guests may feel that your hotel lobby is classy and elegant, but they should also know that you are capable of supporting this kind of ambiance.

If you want to go with a little extra, make sure you install a focal point. Lighting is not enough; you should also complement your lighting with a focal point. You can choose to put up a beautiful custom chandelier, or even a beautiful display by the reception desk.

Final Thoughts

Hotel lobby lighting can do wonders in the first impression of your guests. If your hotel lobby looks upscale, your guests would think that your hotel is also upscale. If you want to put up a classy hotel, you should put more attention to your hotel lobby lighting.

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