Lighting Design: Its Role in the Hospitality Industry

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Lighting Design: Its Role in the Hospitality Industry

Professionals in the hospitality industry understand the role that lighting plays in the experience they provide their guests. For instance, a hotel room can change from being cold and clinical to cozy and inviting with just a few changes in the lighting. In turn, these changes can alter the mood and emotions of a guest. 

If you have yet to experience the power that the right lighting brings, the experts at PTY Custom Lighting will discuss how lighting design affects a business in the hospitality industry:

Lighting and How It Affects the Mood

Hospitality lighting has come a long way from being just a means to make a room brighter so that the guests can move around easily. Today, it’s not enough that your fixtures can improve visibility in the room. Other factors are considered, including how lighting can affect the mood. 

Colored light, for instance, can have different emotional and psychological effects. It is said that during the day, blue light is favorable as it stimulates the parts of the brain that handles both emotional and memory processing. But while ideal for daytime, blue light at night can have negative effects on one’s moods. Surprisingly, red affects a person’s mood less than blue or even white at night. 

Apart from the color itself, the temperature of the hues also triggers certain emotions. Higher color temperatures from warm lighting can make a room feel homier and inviting and make a person want to relax. Because of this, warmer lighting is more appropriate for hotel rooms, restaurants, and spas, where the goal is to soothe and give the guests a comfortable time.

On the other hand, cooler lighting can make a person feel more awake and even improve one’s productivity. For this reason, cool lights must be installed in spaces where focus and productivity are required, such as in conference rooms and offices.

Lighting and How It Improves or Takes Away From the Guest Experience

In hotels, keep in mind that your lighting fixtures can make or break your guests’ overall experience. This is why hotels are supposed to deliver that luxurious but still comfortable atmosphere, and the right lighting can help with that!

To encourage guests to come back, your hotel must anticipate what it is that the guests do while they stay in their room. If they usually like to read, there must be an available bedside lamp. They might want to work on their laptop at night as well, so there should be an option for blue lighting to enhance concentration. Likewise, they might have to prepare for an event, so you must offer vanity lighting. Ensuring that there is appropriate lighting for any activity the guests might do shows them that you are paying attention to their needs, which makes for an excellent service!

Lighting and Your Branding

Besides creating a wonderful experience for the hotel clients, your lighting design can also help deliver the aesthetics and overall ambiance you want to establish. This is why it is also crucial that you choose the right decorative lighting fixtures for your establishment. 

PTY Custom Lighting is among the top hotel lighting manufacturers that provide lighting solutions tailored to your needs. Custom lighting is a better choice because your guests wouldn’t find the same fixtures in other hotels!


At this point, you now know that the role that lighting design plays affects not only the aesthetics of your hotel and the functionality of your rooms but also the mood and the overall experience of your guests. Of course, the right lighting can also add that pizzazz that is an element that any business in the hospitality industry needs. When you consider the importance of lighting, you must only work with experts in lighting that can help you achieve your goals for your hotel’s success! 

PTY Custom Lighting is one of the best custom lighting suppliers in the US that can help your hotel establish a memorable customer experience with every guest through lighting. If you are looking for modern solutions for your hotel, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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