Lighting Design: How Does Lighting Affect Customer Moods?

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Lighting Design: How Does Lighting Affect Customer Moods?

Lighting design has a much greater importance for commercial establishments. Depending on the industry, lighting can provide a more aesthetic than a functional purpose. This is why it’s necessary to match the business’s needs by balancing the two.

Establishments in the hospitality sector need to thread a fine line of balancing a thematic mood while providing functional lighting. Effective lighting aims to appeal to an establishment’s guests, reduce energy consumption, and create a practical environment for staff to operate in. These three requirements build the foundations of a successful hospitality business.

Understanding a hotel’s need for particular lighting options

Interior designers for hotels need to combine a hospitality establishment’s practical function and aesthetics. This is present in various areas in the building, from lobbies to guest rooms and everything in between. A guest’s experience in the different places in the building will dictate how successful a hotel owner is in displaying their mastery in interior design.

In this article, we’ll share four ways hotel establishments utilize lighting to curate a compelling customer experience.

Welcoming your guest in lobbies and main areas

Like any product packaging, hotel establishments need to build up their guests’ anticipation by giving them a taste of their stay in the hotel’s different facilities. Main spaces, like bars and lobbies, need to ensure a sense of comfort while displaying the establishment’s key themes and design motifs. This is why these areas tend to incorporate the architectural interiors that guests would expect from their actual quarters.

Providing function through circulation spaces

Circulation spaces are where most of the guests’ foot traffic ends up. These areas should allow a seamless flow of movement from one place to another, like wide staircases or encompassing hallways. Appropriate lighting is necessary to ensure that guests and staff will know how to navigate where they are from one place to another. Besides telling them how to get from the lobby to their room, these lighting options need to be efficient enough to allow all the building’s occupants to evacuate seamlessly during emergencies.

Ensuring order and efficiency with your staff

Hotels cover plenty of real estate, spanning numerous rooms along several floors. This is why it’s vital to highlight specific markers that will make it easier for guests and staff to identify their location and understand if they’re headed in the right direction. Lighting plays a practical complement to interior design elements, such as visual markers and floor maps, to make navigation easier in any part of the building.

Providing a home away from home in guest quarters

Finally, the crème de la crème of your design options should be to your guests’ quarters. There are numerous ways to maintain a clean and crisp lodging area. One way to control the room’s ambiance is by providing warm lighting in the right spaces. Providing your guests with versatile lighting options allows you to give texture and dimension to small and compact rooms. On the other hand, you can layer light sources on top of each other to fill out spaces and emphasize a room’s expansive areas.


It’s not uncommon for amateur interior designers to focus on their lighting fixtures’ look and feel. However, it’s important to remember that these attachments will vary in energy needs. If you want to keep your business running for a long time, it’s best to choose sustainable and bespoke lighting options that will fit your building’s needs.

One way to modernize your lighting fixtures is to make the switch to LED by buying products from specialized hotel lighting manufacturers. At PTY Custom Lighting, we can supply you with innovative lighting solutions for your hospitality establishment. Order from our online catalog today!

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