Lighting Design for Bars and Restaurant Areas – Our Guide

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Lighting Design for Bars and Restaurant Areas – Our Guide

Hospitality establishments must know how to utilize their common interior elements when integrating them into different rooms. Besides lobbies, hallways, and guestrooms, other utility areas, from a small communal dining area to a grand casino, also need to exercise quality design. If you want your guests to use your facilities, you need to ensure that your interior design is flexible and appealing.

Knowing how to use lighting

You can have the best dishes and brews in your hospital, but it won’t have an impact if your guests aren’t willing to set foot in your hotel bar or restaurant. Proper lighting creates the right environment for people to use your restaurant as a social or recreational space. For this reason, hotel owners need to incorporate appropriate lighting design to make an appealing and enjoyable dining area.

If you want to have a restaurant the go-to location in your hotel, here’s a five-step guide you should follow:

Step#1: Make lighting the star of your design

Every room will have different logistical requirements, from the number of windows installed to the location of outlets in the area. Since lighting is essential to making a comfortable mood, you need to account for the different ways you can attach lighting fixtures in your room. This includes wall hangs, ceiling lights, and even LED strips along and over your furnishing. The more layers of lighting you can add to a room, the more versatile your design can be.

Step#2: Use lighting decoratively and functionally

Restaurants and bars generally have a dim environment, making it difficult for guests to navigate poorly-lit areas. You can use lighting in strategic placements to avoid them from being disoriented. You can use focal points by highlighting specific areas through different color options or ambient lighting designs.

Step#3: Gauge your brightness

General lighting makes people feel warm and comfortable, especially in cooler climates. Using lamps that use under 3000 Kelvin is a viable way to reach this setting. If you have a dimmer switch installed, you can adjust your indoor spaces’ flexibility if you’re not yet set on your room’s functions. You can also invest in automated control systems that can create programmed configurations for your indoor spaces.

Step#4: Apply color sparingly

Bars and restaurants have the liberty of being more creative than other locations in your hotel. However, that doesn’t mean you should be unhinged when choosing your color options. Bars have more freedom in experimenting with lighting. In contrast, restaurants need to curate a more reserved environment. Be careful about overdoing your creativity when focusing on functionality can do just fine.

Step#5: Review the design’s level of comfort

 Remember that your light sources should still maintain a standard level of comfort. You must account for your guest’s and staff’s needs, like how well they can read your menu and see their food. Avoid placing lamps outside the natural field of vision. Additionally, you should prevent light from reflecting into people’s view from shiny materials and surfaces. You can utilize frosted glass or fabrics to limit this interaction.


Cultivating a compelling first impression is the crucial factor for success in the hospitality industry. Although construction and furnishing are major contributors to a room’s mood, lighting plays a much more significant role than you might think. It can change the purpose of any ordinary room from a storage closet to a five-star restaurant. This is why hotel owners need to master lighting their establishment’s different indoor spaces.

You should have the tools and equipment that will ensure that you can create a dynamic lighting design for your hotel. This is why it’s necessary to purchase products from specialized hotel lighting manufacturers. If you want to create an appealing and comfortable restaurant environment, order from our store at PTY Custom today!

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