How to Improve Guests’ Wellness With Good Lighting

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How to Improve Guests’ Wellness With Good Lighting

The lighting choices you make in your hotel’s lobby, rooms, and even hallways can have a massive effect on your guests’ mood and wellness. Lighting can change perspectives, provide comfort, and elicit emotion. Given its power, it’s no surprise that good lighting is vital to providing an overall positive guest experience. 

Whether you’re developing a new hotel business or renovating an existing one, the correlation of light and technology can enhance the guest experience and make them feel they’re in a place that’s soothing and relaxing. The right lighting choices in your business can help avert mood swings and elicit emotional responses from your guests. 

To help you, here are some guides in making your hotel lighting foster health and wellness for your guests: 

Let Natural Lighting Flow

Natural light is essential for the overall well-being of a person since it provides nourishment to the body’s cells. It also increases the body’s natural flow of energy. Furthermore, bright ventilation is the most pleasant to the eye and dynamic for aesthetic purposes. That is why you should always look to integrate natural lighting wherever possible. 

Aside from fostering wellness, continuing “daylighting” techniques or allowing sunshine to brighten interior spaces naturally may decrease energy usage and running expenses. You’ll conserve energy and your cash flow while knowing that the natural light integrated into your design can benefit your customers’ physical and emotional well-being. It will also enhance their hotel experience when you allow visitors to open windows and create outdoor areas for them to enjoy throughout the day. 

When you’re building a new hotel development, windows that can open are only a little more expensive than those that do not. Furthermore, consider collaborating with a lighting designer like PTY Custom Lighting that specializes in maximizing natural lighting. We can provide you with innovative ideas to maximize natural lighting even in areas that seem to not have much at all.

Adjust Brightness

Most houses now have dimmers. Therefore, some guests anticipate the same options when they travel. Dimmers, which guests may control with a few basic settings, can assist make lighting and illumination more adaptable depending on a person’s preference. If dimmers are not possible, choose two or three different kinds and brightness levels of lights for hotel room fixtures. That will convey to your visitors that your hotel is considering lighting choices and how it is easy to switch with suitable lighting fixtures depending on the time of the day. 

Find the Right Lighting for a Specific Area

Consider what you want to achieve with your hospitality lighting fixtures and how your visitors will interact with the area. Check if you want your lighting to invigorate or calm your guests. Ask yourself questions such as whether the illumination is creating the appropriate tone and complementing hotel furniture or whether you want lighting to feature and highlight a certain nook, bar, or hallway. 

The patterns and dynamic characteristics of natural illumination can now be emulated by electric lighting—great news for hoteliers working with less-than-optimal conditions. That makes it easier for you when you create a lighting solution in any area of your hotel. You can also consider balancing warm and cold light when imitating natural light by selecting bulbs suitable for the site.

Experiment With Colors

LED strips with several hues are a contemporary and low-cost method to enhance health via lighting. For example, violet hues are relaxing and serene, green lights bespoke stillness, and red and orange lights energize. LEDs with delicate colors, such as a dawn-simulating alarm clock or a color strip tailored with settings to correspond to various times of day, may complement and support natural light in a room. You may also control lights in communal areas for different moods or times of day using a network or a simple remote that visitors can use in their room. That will not only improve any lighting feature but also alleviate your guest’s hotel experience. 

Final Thoughts

Knowing the significance of lighting for a hotel business is critical before embarking on comprehensive hotel lighting projects. Moreover, adopting lighting trends that communicate wellness and relaxation can firmly establish your brand in the hotel industry. Create a lighting system that can respond to the requirements of any guest and allow them to freely create the most pleasant atmosphere, determined by their mood and emotions. 

Create the perfect ambience for your hotel by having the ideal lighting for your guests. Have one of the best hospitality lighting suppliers you can find by working with us at PTY Lighting. Contact us today to learn more!

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