6 Ideas to Enhance Lighting in Your Living Spaces

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6 Ideas to Enhance Lighting in Your Living Spaces

Lack of light in the home can wear you down. Old, outdated fixtures, or none at all, make it hard to do regular tasks, like reading a book without straining your eyes. It isn’t easy to get enough light to read with only a few recessed lights in the living room. 

Therefore, it is time to replace your old fixtures with brighter ones and add more lighting fixtures built-in to your rooms, so you no longer have to suffer in the dark.

Here are some ideas to achieve incredible lighting in your living spaces:

1. Use a Pendant Light Fixture or a Ceiling Mounted Sconce Fixture

Pendant light fixtures and sconce fixtures can make a big difference in a room. They are the best choice for lighting a particular area, like a desk or reading chair. 

The best part about a pendant light fixture is that you can choose different colors and styles for each room, making the room feel more personalized and distinct.

2. Use And Restore Original Lighting Fixtures

Bathrooms were once fitted with flush lights and if you are blessed enough to have these in your home, try to keep them. However, if you no longer have any, it is possible to restore them and put them back up, but first, make sure that all the original parts are there. 

Some companies sell these lights, so it is possible to restore them at a reasonable price, or if you are handy, you can always do it yourself.

3. Add Recessed Lighting Fixtures Above Your Dining Table

If you have a large dining room and light fixtures that provide enough light for the rest of the room but not above the dining table, you should consider adding a recessed lighting fixture. These are very inexpensive, so it is easy to find one that fits your budget.

4. Mount Several Mini Pendant Light Fixtures Over Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are a great place to have a sit-down meal with a group of people. Several mini pendant lighting fixtures over a kitchen island would be a great addition. Add a dimmer switch to the lights to control your lighting needs.

5. Consider Using a Ceiling Mounted Light Fixture With Swirling Glass Shades

Ceiling-mounted light fixtures with swirling glass shades offer a lot of light, and because they hang down, you can place them over a table or chair in the living room. 

The lights are made of metal and have a glass finish, usually in gold or silver, and have a metal, swirling glass shade. They are incredibly functional and will prevent you from replacing the fixtures you already have installed.

6. Use A Pendant Light Strung Over an Entryway

A pendant light is an excellent light source to hang over an entryway. These lights are unique, and you can choose from various styles and colors. This can also be done in the kitchen over the sink.


There are many ways to create a beautiful, pleasant atmosphere in your home by adding more lighting fixtures. The best part about this is that you do not necessarily need to spend a lot of money on these lighting fixtures. All you have to do is develop creative ways to make the most out of what you have and how you can use it.

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