How to Make Each Hospitality Lighting Project a Success

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How to Make Each Hospitality Lighting Project a Success

Each hospitality project comes with its unique set of challenges. No two places will have the exact same list of requirements, making every planning and installation project an exciting opportunity to showcase your workmanship! Whether that’s a hotel, a restaurant, or bars that need custom light fixtures, coming up with ideas to make the designs stand out is part of the process and makes the end result worth it. 

Here are five ideas that will work for almost any type of project in the hospitality industry:

Create More Space With Light

When working with a business or a budget hotel, there isn’t usually an abundance of space, since every area on the premises has been utilized for one purpose or another. Not only is the furniture cramped, but this sometimes affects the number and size of windows installed—which diminishes the quality of lighting inside! 

Having a lot of light can make an area appear larger than it actually is, so adding more lighting fixtures in strategic areas is the best option. Here are a couple of things to take into consideration before adding more lighting fixtures: 

  • Availability of Space

Given the limited space, adding even more light fixtures could be tricky when the last thing you want is to make it look more cramped. Good hotel lighting design doesn’t just provide light—it also knows where and how to incorporate them so that the little space that is left doesn’t shrink any further. 

Great ideas for projects that deal with very little space are to use wall-mounted lamps instead of floor lamps and desk lamps.

  • Light Color

The light color used will greatly affect how spacious the room will look, and the best choice is always the closest to natural light. Artificial looking lights like white fluorescent ones will cast unattractive shadows and make space seem even more crowded.

Get a Statement Chandelier Installed

The lobby sets the tone for every guest who walks into a hotel. It’s the first thing they see and experience, so it should make them feel comfortable, welcome, and pampered. Lighting has a huge role to play in setting that mood, and nothing opens a grand hotel’s arms up to its guests than a luxurious chandelier. 

These don’t always have to be extravagant; sometimes, a simple fixture is best and can still enthrall any hotel guest looking at it. 

Utilize Cozy Lights with a Modern Edge

When it comes to restaurant lighting, you can get really creative with shapes, different types of bulbs, and other details on how the fixture should be designed and set. The best restaurant lighting suppliers will help you conceptualize the right design and execute it to fit your restaurant’s interior. 

For instance, a café could go for a vintage, cozy light like the vintage Emerson bulb and attach it to a more modern steel frame or cage to give the place a cozy yet modern feel. 

Prepare a Standout Waiting Room

Customers can spend a lot of time in waiting rooms, so the best thing for any hotel or restaurant to do is to make it as comfortable as possible. Waiting rooms that feel luxurious will usually make people more patient, so having the right kind of lighting to complement this environment is a must. 

Set the Mood at a Bar

When it comes to hospitality, setting the mood is everything as it influences how you’ll feel during your wine and dine or your stay at a hotel. The right composition of lamps can make a bar feel more sophisticated or relaxed, depending on the kind of mood the place wants to set. Making it as beautiful as possible and setting the right mood are two essential goals you should have when using hospitality lamps. 

The Bottom Line

Lighting matters anywhere, but it is especially important in the hospitality industry, as it’s all about making people feel welcome! Good experiences in eating, vacationing, and drinking are governed by people’s moods, and taking advantage of just the right lighting fixture can help make a world of difference. The best kinds of lighting aren’t generic, mass-produced designs that numerous other businesses have purchased; rather, it’s the custom hospitality lighting that helps make your business truly unique!

Are you looking for custom lighting manufacturers for your business in the hospitality industry? Here at PTY Custom Lighting, we help create custom lighting for brands in hospitality, interior design, purchasing groups, and others. We guide our clients with the entire process, from concept to creation, while exceeding expectations each time. Get in touch with us to request a quote today!

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