How to Choose the Right LED Light Fixture for Your Business

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How to Choose the Right LED Light Fixture for Your Business

LED lights are the best lighting options for any property. They are more efficient in terms of energy use, and they reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, LED lights have longer lifespans and have low maintenance requirements. 

However, these benefits do not guarantee that all LED lights you purchase will give you the best results. You still need to weigh your options carefully to find the right product you need. If you are a business owner who needs to make lighting fixture decisions, this article will help you find the best LED lighting available.

Evaluating LED Fixtures: What to Consider

Here are the aspects you should consider when looking for your LED fixtures:

  • Maintenance: Compared to traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting fixtures, LEDs have a longer lifespan of up to 250,000 hours. They do not have ballasts, so there is no need for you to replace the bulbs and the non-existing ballasts, too. Ensure that the fixture you are considering has the same qualifications mentioned here before making your purchase. 
  • Energy Savings: It is general knowledge that LED lights consume less energy than other traditional options. Using one can lead to more savings. Ask your supplier how much you can save from the fixture you plan to buy from them.
  • Lighting Control: Make the most out of your energy savings by ensuring that the fixtures you buy have integrated lighting controls. This feature enables automated dimming. It also has daylight and activity sensors that allow you to lower your lighting expenses. In short, having lighting controls can help improve your space’s safety, ambiance, and everyone’s satisfaction. 
  • Special Conditions: Where is your property located? Is it placed in a high- or low-temperature space? Is your light for indoor or outdoor use? Remember to note these environmental considerations to make the right choice.

What to Check When Looking for LED Fixtures

Here are the important details to check when you are looking for the right LED fixture:

  • Lumens per Watt: Lumens refers to how bright your bulb is, while watts indicate its power consumption. Therefore, lumens per watt shows how efficient a light bulb is. 
  • Correlated Color Temperature (CCT): CCT refers to the visual temperature of a lighting fixture. It is the detail you often see measured in Kelvins, which tells you whether the light falls between cool, warm, blueish-white, golden light, and other colors. Temperature changes the mood and atmosphere of a room. Hotels, restaurants, and offices, usually use warmer lights, while bright and cool lights are best for outdoors and warehouses.  

Competition Check: What to Review 

You might be surprised to find various LED light options. One way to narrow your choices is to check whether they come from reliable suppliers and are good enough versus other products. Here is a list of questions you should ask:

  • Does this light come from a company with the experience or reputation for creating quality lighting fixtures?
  • Does this light provide value for its price?
  • Are you buying the latest lighting innovation?
  • Does this company comply with the efficiency rules and requirements set by the Federal Energy Management Program?


Now that you understand what to consider when choosing lighting options, you at least have an idea of how your contractors should work. Therefore, ensure that your contractor is knowledgeable and compliant about these requirements. That way, they can help you choose the most efficient lighting fixture to use for your business.

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