How PTY Lighting Can Offer a 3 Year Custom Lighting Warranty

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How PTY Lighting Can Offer a 3 Year Custom Lighting Warranty

When considering your options for a custom lighting project, one of the most important things to review carefully is the custom lighting warranty.

We have many competitors in this business of custom lighting. Some of them do fine work, and on the surface, you may think that what we offer is simply comparable. (Hint: We’re better!)

One of the key things that make PTY Custom Lighting stand apart from our competitors is our comprehensive lighting plating warranty.

Don’t Get Fooled by Flashy Photographs and Brand Names

During the sales cycle of a hospitality lighting project, a portfolio of previous custom lighting projects is often produced and reviewed. Sometimes, the temptation is to go with a particular lighting vendor because they had a particular brand name in their portfolio. Or, perhaps a specific set of colorful photographs caught the eye of the person in charge.

One of the biggest mistakes is to falsely assume that because a lighting vendor completed a job that looked similar to what is envisioned for the current project in question, that they are the ones most qualified to do the job.

Of course, lighting design is important. However, don’t mistakenly assume that only one competitor can complete a certain type of design.

PTY Custom Lighting can work with any interior design team to come up with appropriate, unique styles based on your precise specifications. And, chances are, if you don’t see something similar to what you want on our website, we probably have done something “in the ballpark.” We have such a vast portfolio that putting everything up for public viewing online would be a daunting task!

And remember: The outward appearance of your custom restaurant or hotel lighting is just one aspect of it. How well does it work? Will it last? Does the company stand by its work?

This is where your lighting warranty comes in.


Why a Comprehensive Custom Lighting Warranty Is Very Important

When you launch a brand-new restaurant, hotel, or other public venue, especially one that is designed to be upscale and appealing to discerning customers, your lighting needs to work. It can’t just look good – it must function well, and consistently well.

Just because something looks good initially does not mean it will last long or wear well.

Consider the problem of fake designer watches and handbags. Sure, you could find many a street corner in New York City or Venice Beach, California where hucksters are selling imitation Rolex watches and fake Louis Vuitton handbags.

You might purchase one of these counterfeit items to save some money. In the short run, you would have what appeared to be a Rolex or a nice-looking designer purse.

You are likely to run into some problems down the road, if not right away. The watch may not work properly. It doesn’t keep the time well. And the purse was sewn with shoddy seams and the inner pockets rip easily.

The exteriors of these faux accessories may hold up for a little while, but then at some point (sooner than later), they will hit the end of their product life-cycle. The fake gold plating on the “Rolex” will start to chip and fall off. The exterior of the “Louis Vuitton” handbag will start to crack and the handle will fail.

This is not too dissimilar to what can happen to your hospitality lighting if it is poorly made. In particular, plating in lamps is typically one of the first things to break down. What you can end up with are lights that don’t work and look terrible.


Why We Can Offer Such a Great Lighting Warranty

Now, while we’re not saying that other lighting companies are providing “fake” designer lights, you have to consider the quality of the manufacturing.

PTY Custom Lighting stands out from our competitors because we do all our hospitality lighting manufacturing in-house. Our competitors who do not have manufacturing facilities must outsource their lighting production.

Typically, plating is the first thing to break down and requires a warranty. We do our own plating ourselves at our manufacturing facility, which is why we can offer a fantastic 3-year warranty on our fixtures. Our lighting plating warranty cannot be beaten.

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Why Customers Should Consider Us for Custom Lighting 

PTY Custom Lighting delivers high-end contract restaurant lighting and hospitality lighting for the top restaurant brands. We go beyond design and engineering with our in-house lighting manufacturing using the latest production equipment. With our attention to detail, we are often chosen by the premiere hospitality groups to provide high-quality custom restaurant lighting for popular food and drink venues.