How Lighting Can Influence Your Guests’ Experience

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How Lighting Can Influence Your Guests’ Experience

There are many reasons to implement good lighting in a property. The most common one is obviously to ensure that a specific space is sufficiently illuminated. However, lighting provides more than just utility, especially in the world of hospitality. Great lighting can project a certain mood, and it can make people feel more comfortable and welcomed as they enter a space.

That being said, lighting can be quite challenging to implement, particularly in hospitality businesses. Because of this, you must know how light affects your customers.

Changing an individual’s mood

There are many moods you can conjure out of your guests with lighting. For instance, blue light, which is quite similar to natural sunlight, can cause people to think more clearly and feel better.

However, this is only applicable during the daytime. During night hours, blue light is not something you want, especially if paired with another light. For example, pairing white light with blue light can cause people to feel dreary and even promote feelings of depression.

As you can see, lighting and its combinations can make or break your guests’ experiences. While you can get away with blue light and other colors during the day, you will need to be a bit more considerate in the evening.

When the sun has finally set, you should consider using warmer colors, like red and gold. This creates a cozy and inviting feeling that you want your guests to feel when entering your premises.

Implementing lighting in your hospitality business

If you are in the hospitality industry, chances are you are a hotel, motel, restaurant, resort, or anything of the like. In any case, your main focus is to give your guests the best experience possible, and lighting is one of the most significant factors. How you use it will depend on your exact services.

For example, if you’re a restaurant, you want to work with high CRI (color-rendering index) lighting to add light to your spaces and accurately represent the color of the food you serve. This also applies to hotels and the like, where such lighting can accentuate the colors of a room.

However, the most crucial part of implementing light in your business is that you offer enough options. One of the most prominent complaints guests make is that “there isn’t enough light.” For example, they might say they do not have a reading light to enjoy a good book or enough overhead lighting to illuminate their space.

With that in mind, ensure that there are various lighting options for your guests. Opt for user-controllable fixtures that allow guests to light the room in a way that pleases them the most.


Simply put, lighting can be the difference between a terrible experience and an excellent one. You must do enough research to figure out what kind of light and how much of it you should implement throughout your facilities.

That being said, if you are having trouble with the decision, there are various lighting services that can help you plan how to light up your property. Their expertise will ensure that you can offer your guests the best experience.

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