How Hotel Lighting Has Psychological Benefits to Your Hotel

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How Hotel Lighting Has Psychological Benefits to Your Hotel

As soon as you walk into a room, the first thing you notice is the lighting. The lighting gives you the power to control the ambiance of a room. In a hotel, this is critical. When a guest walks into a hotel, what really matters to them and should also matter to you is the way the hotel makes them feel. The science behind the lighting and design may seem insignificant to them. However, it’s what makes your hotel stand out in the crowd. The job of a designer is usually a thankless one, but this individual is the one who can transform any old building into a masterpiece.



The lights involved in a hospitality project can be divided into a few major categories:


A well-lit reception area is important to welcome your guests. When a guest steps into your hotel for the first time, he or she should know where to go and not feel lost. A brightly lit reception area helps them understand what to do next while also creating a warm and welcoming feeling. Directional lighting draws the attention of guests and guides them around.


Lighting helps to either emphasize or detract from the distinct moods created by the hotel room’s color scheme. For instance, while a blue room may look warm and cheerful in the daylight, it can look gloomy at night. To counteract this effect, you can use warm lights. We must keep in mind that sunlight, which also contains high amounts of blue light, affects the circadian rhythm of the body, i.e., the biological mechanism that tells us when to be awake and when to sleep. Blue light is known to decrease the production of the melatonin hormone that helps us sleep, so it is better to avoid it in the setting.


LED lights are cheap, but they are known to have a lot of blue light too. So while installing them may save you a few bucks, they can compromise the comfort of your guests.


A warm and indirect lighting can highlight certain corners of your hotel and create a relaxing atmosphere. For example, it can illuminate the little coffee table corner that gives your guests a cozy feel or even highlight the paintings and artifacts in your hotel.


As mentioned before, warm lighting with a minimal amount of blue light can help your guests get a good night’s sleep. Recently, a lighting design firm Nulty created faux windows for a hotel that have no natural sunlight. A combination of warm and cool tones imitates daylight and brings depth to the window, while curved forms helped the eye relax by providing the illusion of depth. To induce natural awakening and sleep, a specific spectrum of light is used in the morning and evening.


General Lights: These lights that are set in the room and bathroom provide visibility and sets the mood too. You can place desk lamps or headboard lamps for reading in bed or working at the desk.

Mirror Lights: You can set bulbs around the mirror or a large light above it. For the bath, a warm and anti-glare light can be just fine.

Accent Lights: The primary purpose of these lights is to create an atmosphere.

Closet Lights: You can set lights either inside the closet or outside the closet directed towards the inside.

Night Lights: Subtle night lights that can help your guests navigate through the room are important. You can install lights under the bed or desks and even along the walls so that guests can move around the room without turning on bigger lights at night. It also makes them feel safe.


Proper lights can make an area appear larger than its actual size. This is especially applicable in the case of business and budget hotels where every bit of space is utilized. A cramped up space can make guests uncomfortable and feel stuffy. This can also make the hotel earn a bad name. Use lights intelligently to set things right, but remember these two pointers:

The color of the light: The lights that you install must be as close to natural light as possible in order to make the room feel airy and spacious.

Smart use of the lights: Install wall-mounted lights and avoid desk lamps and floor lamps to make space in the rooms.

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