Hotel Reviews from PTY Lighting’s Completed Custom Hotel Lighting Projects

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Hotel Reviews from PTY Lighting’s Completed Custom Hotel Lighting Projects

PTY Custom Lighting really enjoys creating unique and memorable custom lighting for our valued hotel clients. When we are finished helping with a hotel build – whether it is a brand-new building or a renovation – we are always thrilled to see the results. The interior design teams we work with are highly creative and some of the amazing spaces that are unveiled truly astonish us.

Hotel lighting is that last piece of the interior design puzzle that can make or break a room. Good custom lighting sets off the furniture, architecture, and artwork in the best way possible. Bad interior lighting can wash out a room or turn it into a glaring headache.

In-depth planning is required, along with harmonious cooperation among stakeholders and teams, in order to get the best results in hotel lighting.

We’re proud of the results of our custom lighting projects.

Guest Reviews of Hotels with Our Custom Lighting

If you are looking for a great place to stay when you are traveling, you might want to check out some of the hotels we have worked with. Here are a few things guests had to say about these hotels and the lighting:

American Golden Tower Panama City

Custom Hotel Lighting Supplier

American Golden Tower Panama City in Panama is a 5-star hotel that is a popular destination for tourists. One of the signature pieces of this fine hotel is the stunning 60-foot chandelier in the lobby, designed and manufactured by PTY Custom Lighting.

This chandelier actually utilizes a number of different hanging lights to create an outline of the country of Panama. The lighting fixture attracts passers-by, making the lobby “selfie central.”

Guests rate the hotel highly for its fabulous interior design. Dyllanm writes in his review on “The architecture is beautiful, the pool deck is spectacular, the beds are comfortable and the shower is great.”

On TripAdvisor, cmahar writes: “The room was lovely, perhaps even a bit extravagant for our taste. Tasteful styling, it seems like everything is all curves. There’s this giant circle inset in the ceiling that glows at night. And the shelves on either side of the writing desk were back-lighted.”

Embassy Suites Denton Texas

Hotel Reviews from PTY Lighting’s Completed Custom Hotel Lighting Projects 5

The Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center (isn’t that a mouthful!) is a recently built modern hotel in Denton, Texas connected to the 70,000-foot Denton Convention Center. PTY Custom Lighting worked with Embassy Suites, O’Reilly Hospitality Management, and MatchLine Design Group to provide all contact hotel lighting for this build.

Garnering a very solid 5-star rating of Excellent on TripAdvisor from guest reviews, the Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center launch has been a huge success.

One of the most popular features of this high-tech hotel were the light switches in the guest rooms.

One user, rhgranddad, explains how they work in a positive review: “But the greatest help was the light switches. Each room’s master switch controls each light in that room and the switch at door and a switch that controls all lights in the suite!! One switch to touch as you leave and everything is off!”

Another reviewer, I6724XRjohnc, wrote: “I think out of all the hotels I’ve stayed in this is the most modern and tech-savvy hotel I’ve stayed in a while. They had a Bluetooth mirror that you could play music while you’re in the shower, all the light switches controlled various lights in the room made it very easy.”

JW Marriott Hotel Lima

Hotel Reviews from PTY Lighting’s Completed Custom Hotel Lighting Projects 6

The JW Marriott Hotel Lima is another highly rated luxury hotel with a 4.5-star customer review rating of “Excellent” on TripAdvisor.

PTY Custom Lighting produced the custom lighting fixtures for the guest rooms, which ranged in size from a deluxe (fitting a king size bed or two double beds) to a “Presidential Suite.”

Two of the most common words used by happy guests in their reviews are “amazing” and “luxurious.” The rooms (along with the lights) were a big hit. For example, on, Charlie from the United Kingdom writes:

“We had a vast suite with soft carpets, a big sofa to lie down on, two bathrooms, wide and high windows facing west across the sea and to the north, a big bathtub that fits two comfortably, a huge bed, access to the lounge. It was spacious enough to have people over, very comfortable and well-styled and the staff were friendly and professional.”

His only complaint is that he had to pay extra for WiFi.

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Why Customers Should Consider Us for Custom Lighting 

PTY Custom Lighting delivers high-end contract restaurant lighting and hospitality lighting for the top restaurant brands. We go beyond design and engineering with our in-house lighting manufacturing using the latest production equipment. With our attention to detail, we are often chosen by the premiere hospitality groups to provide high-quality custom restaurant lighting for popular food and drink venues.