Hotel Management: 3 Best Practices for Hotel Room Lighting

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Hotel Management: 3 Best Practices for Hotel Room Lighting

The hospitality industry is rapidly becoming more competitive than ever, so hotel owners need to rise above the competition in every way. One of the most critical aspects of the guest experience is hotel room lighting.

The aura and overall aesthetic of a hotel room are heavily dependent on its lighting setup. You have probably stayed in one or two rooms made drab looking by dim, flickering lights in every corner. The truth is, a robust lighting system can be the difference between getting an enthusiastic review or a guest walking away and never coming back or recommending your hotel to their friends and colleagues.

Why good hotel room lighting matters

No matter their purpose for booking a hotel room, all guests primarily focus on comfort and relaxation. At the end of the day, a business traveler wants to shed their serious persona and spend their free time as leisurely as possible. On the other hand, a family with young kids wants to wind down after a trip to the nearby amusement park.

Hotel room décor has remained the key standard over the years—it’s lighting that makes the difference between a warm and a dreary atmosphere. Here are three lighting best practices for your next hotel room refits:

1. Light up every corner

Even the smallest budget hotel room should be properly lit to ensure an exemplary guest experience. When you’re designing a lighting system for your hotel rooms, it’s essential to make sure that every corner of the room is lit adequately. Additionally, all your lights should be functional as well as decorative.

Layer your lighting by focusing on individual spaces and making sure they all work coherently. For safety, you should install floor lights, either as fixtures or in a recessed setup. The desk or work area should have adequate illumination even if your guests choose to keep working deep into the night. Lights near the bed should be adjustable between harsh and ambient.

2. Add dynamic lighting control

In a world slowly and surely being dominated by voice assistants and wearable devices, consumers prefer to have minute, automatic control over as many aspects of their life as possible. This also applies to lighting options in their hotel rooms. Guests want to be able to determine which part of the room is illuminated and how bright the light should be.

When you install lighting on the floor, near the bed, on the desk, and beside the entertainment setup, you should make sure that it’s easy to turn all those lights off and on. Add dynamic lighting through overall dimmers to help guests transition from day to nighttime lighting.

Make sure to label all the light switches, too. No one wants to spend precious time clicking switches off and on just to figure out which bulbs they control.

3. Highlight your bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the key features of every hotel room. It determines the quality of your guest’s daily hygiene routine, and they want to be as comfortable as possible.

Hotel bathroom lighting should expertly straddle the line between functionality and aesthetics. Mirror lights on the vanity will ensure that all guests can have a good look in the mirror no matter the time of day. Warm, ambient lighting or even dimmers can be valuable in bathrooms with luxurious bathtubs.


Hotel room lighting is crucial to every guest’s enjoyment of his or her time in your hotel. You can add a bevy of loyal customers if you give them a fantastic experience using an excellent lighting setup not just in their living area but their bathroom, too. Experienced professionals can help you with creating and installing the best hotel lighting system for your needs.

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