Hotel Lobby Luxury: Lighting Tips for a Truly Luxe Vibe

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Hotel Lobby Luxury: Lighting Tips for a Truly Luxe Vibe

Luxurious furnishings and amenities are some of the key features of most hotels. What better way to show that to guests than creating a great impression as soon as they walk into the lobby? One way to do this is by creatively making use of lighting.

Luxurious Lighting 

Contrary to popular belief, your lobby lighting design shouldn’t depend solely on ceiling lights and chandeliers. You should also think about other areas of your hotel lobby, such as hidden lights and bathroom lighting. Hidden lighting is especially important in areas where you want to be able to control the level of lighting from behind the scenes. Bathroom lighting can be especially useful, as this is the area where guests often go.

Beyond the obvious visual elements, you’ll also want to think about functionality when selecting a lobby lighting solution. For a luxurious hotel lobby, try these lighting tips to create an inviting space that inspires comfort and relaxation.

Avoid Overlighting

Most hotel lobby spaces require the use of ceiling-mounted fixtures. While you want the light to be bright, it is important not to overdo it. Overlighting creates an overwhelming, stressful space that doesn’t reflect well on the hotel or the experience you want your guests to have.

There’s nothing particularly luxurious about everything being lit all at once like a strobe light show, now is there?

Create a Warm and Inviting Feel

The lobby is the first place guests will see when they check-in, so it’s important that it’s designed to give off the right ambiance. Warm lighting is generally best for hotel lobbies, as it creates an inviting and welcoming environment. In addition to providing more natural light, a lighting plan that includes a mix of indirect, task, and accent lighting can help your lobby design look cohesive and well-designed.

For Special events, Have Uplighting

Uplights are a great way to highlight your hotel’s features and draw attention to a special event. Backlighting can help make the lobby’s features pop and bring the room to life. 

Have Flood Lighting in Place

You can create a welcoming environment with the right hotel lobby lighting. To do this, choose well-placed floodlights to draw attention to your lobby’s best features. Remember, a bright and clear lobby is a welcoming one.

Make Use of Incandescent Lighting 

Incandescent light bulbs are often overlooked when it comes to lighting. They produce a warmer light than LED bulbs and take a bit more energy to run. The combination of these factors can cause incandescent bulbs to produce a yellow light, which can make the ambiance more inviting.

Use Luxury Lighting Fixtures

A luxurious hotel lobby is defined by its attention to detail, and luxury lighting fixtures are no exception. High-end lighting fixtures are a great way to add flair to your lobby and elevate the guest experience. Luxury lighting fixtures can accentuate the space and complement your overall design.


First impressions last, and this is certainly true for hotel lobbies. In order to give guests the full luxury experience, make the most of lighting! Have luxury lighting fixtures, floodlighting, and incandescent lighting to bring out the upscale feel of your hotel.

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