Hotel Lighting Trends You Should Be Following


The hospitality industry is expansive. The hotel business is a huge consumer of energy, using a significant amount of lighting on a daily basis. Hoteliers are now finding more and more ways to be energy-efficient with their lighting. This is because a slight increase in energy efficiency can save thousands of dollars annually and improve your bottom line. There’s no reason for hotels to not get on board! New technologies are playing a big role in the industry. Here are some of the top industry trends for hotel lighting:

Efficient Lighting Technology

Even the most subtle lighting changes can make a huge difference in your energy savings. By replacing incandescent bulbs with LED light bulbs, you can save on energy costs as well as maintenance fees. Not only do these lights look aesthetically pleasing, but they can be a great way to shift to more energy-efficient lighting for your hotel. LED lights are by far the most popular right now because they are both energy-efficient and lightweight.

LEDs are very versatile since they are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They will not need to be hidden in design since they are not abnormally sized or unattractive. You can use LED in any design to add a modern touch while keeping it green and environmentally-friendly. The overall costs upfront will not compare to the long-term benefits of switching to LED light bulbs.

Sticking To Minimalism

Many places have shifted to the minimalistic and simple look. Consumers want to get the most for their money, and the shift to minimalism has been huge these days. Combine style, art, and sophistication into your lighting as well as your decor. You want to aim for an elegant look when you are decorating. Add lighting to darker spots that need a little brightening up. Keep it clean, but also keep it minimal.

There should be no distracting colors or designs that will take away from your overall scheme. It’s usually a good idea to opt for monotone white or yellow light without a design on the shade. Minimalism is a popular trend in this modern age that you will see throughout many hotels in the world today. This trend keeps your hotel looking sleek and well-lit since minimalism involves a lot of monochrome colors. Minimal lighting can give off a slick and modern look to a room. It can make the room feel bigger, more organized, and well put together.

Mobile Meeting Rooms

Some hoteliers may broaden their customer base by making their hotel spaces available for corporate use. Mobile meeting rooms are the new norm, and hotel owners are most definitely on board! It’s becoming increasingly common for workers not to have a single office to work in. Hotels should provide the basics like wifi, outlets in the lobby, and perhaps some rentable conference rooms.

These conference rooms may have interactive worktables, some type of screen, whiteboards, and anything else that you might find in a workplace. As long as it’s a place where a conference or work presentation can be held, it will function as a rentable corporate space. Lighting will also play a role in brightening this room up for work use and corporate functions.

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