Hospitality Lighting: 3 Custom Light Trends That Attract Clients

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Hospitality Lighting: 3 Custom Light Trends That Attract Clients

The impact of light fixtures on the success of hospitality establishments cannot be overstated. Aside from providing visibility to the general area, these fixtures can affect a customer’s mood through the use of colors, shades, and intensity of the lighting. In fact, this alone can already be a deciding factor on whether they become regular patrons or one-time clients.

Along with your furniture, custom decorative lighting can set the overall mood and vibe of your hotel or restaurant for your customers. Because of this, it’s a good idea to keep up with the latest lighting fixture trends in the hospitality industry that you can use as a springboard for your own ideas.

Here are three lighting ideas to get you started:

1. Retro Style

With the world moving on to smarter and more economical modes of lighting, you can make your restaurant or hotel stand out by incorporating old-fashioned, but charming neon-light signs and incandescent bulbs. While it’s not a good idea for your electric bill or the environment to still be using incandescent bulbs as a primary source of light, you can incorporate them into your restaurant or hotel light design purely for their retro charm and the flattering golden light that they produce.

2. Integrated Lighting Design

Integrated Lighting means different things to different people. For example, integrated lighting can mean having LEDs built into a fixture—such as having an LED panel or strip—doing away with the exposed standard socket or bulb. Following the same concept, an integrated lighting design for your hotel or restaurant can mean including the lighting fixtures in your overall design.

This means that instead of treating them as a later addition, you can work the lighting fixtures in the base interior design. Some examples of this technique include cove lighting and recessed lighting fixtures, which “hide” the light sources so as to make them appear cohesive with the overall design. If you’re thinking of doing renovations or are building your place from scratch, it’s good to integrate your lighting as much as you can for that polished and sophisticated look.

3. Smart Lighting Solutions

Following the concept of a “smart home,” where everything from door locks to electrical appliances can be operated via smartphones, hotels have also begun incorporating smart light bulbs. These lighting solutions are operable via the customer’s smartphone by downloading an app that acts as the controller. Depending on the guest’s mood, they can change the color, intensity, and even patterns of the light to fit their mood, making for a truly custom hotel room lighting.

This concept can be used for restaurants too, especially for venues that cater to different kinds of events. Instead of relying on external par lights that can be expensive to rent and difficult to set up, venues can just utilize the built-in smart lighting that they already have.


In hospitality establishments such as restaurants or hotels, the primary goal is to keep your customers comfortable and pleased with their experience. By paying attention to your establishment’s lighting, you can transform its overall look and vibe in such a way that will keep your clients coming back for more.

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