Here Are 6 Reasons Why Your Hotel Needs Outdoor Lighting

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Here Are 6 Reasons Why Your Hotel Needs Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting systems help hotel guests feel safe at all hours. Illuminating driveways, pathways, car parks, and entrances gives people a sense of security, increasing their comfort and making it more likely that they’ll visit again. Here are things to keep in mind about custom light fixtures for outdoor settings.

Use Outdoor Lights as Accents

Use fixtures to illuminate outdoor areas. Adding a small set of lights along pathways and designated driveways make your lights both stylish and functional. 

If the hotel has sculptures, underwater features, or other outdoor art installations, using light to accentuate these items creates a dramatic night landscape. Combining cove lighting, spotlights, wall lights, and ambient lighting will create attractive mixtures of patterns and colors.

Outdoor Lighting Discourages Burglars

Intruders feel more confident about breaching a building if its surroundings are dark since the night helps obscure their activities from passers-by or victims. When you install floodlights, it helps discourage burglars from targeting your hotel.

Outdoor Lights Prevent Accidents

Besides helping you scare off burglars, outdoor lighting also ensures that your guests can see where they’re going at night. Added lighting ensures that guests can drive or walk around the property safely; outdoor lights decrease the likelihood of car accidents or collisions. Using lights to illuminate walkways also reduces the likelihood of tripping on steps, curbs, and ledges.

Outdoor Lights Can Reduce Insurance Premiums

The presence of custom light fixtures means fewer burglaries and guest injuries, which means lower insurance premiums. Insurance companies are always trying to minimize risk, and they will note that you’re reducing the likelihood of accidents on your premises. Lenders might even offer discounts if you put up outdoor lights.

Having Outdoor Lights Increases Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is subjective, but it dramatically affects people’s perception of your business. Having outdoor lights strategically placed to highlight the hotel’s features lends your property a distinctive look. The lights make your building look more appealing; it helps the structure pop out from the other properties around it.

Your hotel shouldn’t just look warm and welcoming in the morning—it should be equally appealing to approach at night, which is when you’ll likely get tired travelers who have been on the road all day and are just looking for a place to sleep.

Outdoor Lights Increase Your Hotel’s Value

When the hotel owners install more outdoor lights, they increase their overall property value. If the owners want to sell it someday, buyers will consider security and accent lights suitable investments. In the long run, the benefits that these lights bring will outweigh the costs of installing them. Having outdoor lights make your hotel more appealing to serious buyers.


Hotels have plenty of expenses, and it might seem like outdoor lights are among the things you can cut. However, lights are crucial for keeping a property safe at night. They deter burglars, reduce the likelihood of car collisions, and keep people from tripping or slipping on pathways. They also add to a property’s curbside appeal, making it more attractive to guests and investors.

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