Helpful Tips to Complete Your Custom Lighting Project Faster

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Helpful Tips to Complete Your Custom Lighting Project Faster

Custom light fixture fabrication might take much longer than a typical lighting fixture. The manufacturer needs more time to communicate with you to guarantee they meet the product specifications. Each lighting design is unique in size and finish, and it might take up to eight weeks to construct.

To help you get your custom lighting projects done faster, we’ve put up a list of suggestions.  You may save both time and money by following these suggestions for custom hospitality lighting projects.

1. Gather All Necessary Information for Your Project

If you are considering a custom lighting project, here is the information you need to know before beginning your search for manufacturers and determining which one is suited for you. The information includes the final lighting design, materials, finishing touches, size, and budget. 

If you are the project manager or designer, you should have no trouble figuring out these specifics. If this is not the case, you will need to contact the project owner, designer, or consultant.

2. Check the Holiday Schedules

In Europe, many nations enjoy a summer vacation in July and August. They have vacationed at the end of December and January because of Christmas and New Year’s Eve. As a cultural tradition in China, the Chinese New Year is a time for family reunions and festivities. 

A lot of lighting manufacturers go on vacation at these times. Taking a break over the holidays means that your manufacturer does, too

Remember to examine the holiday calendar of the nation where your manufacturer is situated before planning your custom lighting project to fulfill the project deadline.

3. Maintain Clear Communication with the Manufacturer 

A metal finishing sample or perhaps a photograph can clear up any lingering ambiguity. 

For example, people’s perceptions of metal finishes like old brass or bronze might be vastly different. It will be easier for others to comprehend your needs if you can articulate them properly.

4. Provide Prompt Feedback about Design and Specifications

Upon receiving the production drawings and material samples, verify that they meet your original specifications, and then promptly notify the manufacturer so that production may proceed. To find out why there is a discrepancy, you’ll need to speak with the manufacturer. 

Even while certain adjustments may be inevitable, if they distort your design, you will need to find a solution with the manufacturer as soon as possible.

5. Collaborate with a Reputable and Knowledgeable Manufacturer

For a custom lighting manufacturer to be efficient, they need to have enough manufacturing facilities, such as laser cutting, automated welding, recessing, polishing, and hole drilling machines. Keep the project date in mind throughout the whole manufacturing process, and assume full responsibility for on-time delivery of high-quality items.

6. Perform the Custom Lighting Pre-installation Inspection

After manufacturing has been completed, you should immediately contact your manufacturer if you are dissatisfied with the quality of the final product.

If you notice anything wrong at this point, go back and fix it right away. Before polishing the surface, a pre-installation inspection consists of inspecting the rough metal pieces and confirming that they are of the proper dimensions and logical structure.

The enormous hotel lobby chandeliers, in particular, need a pre-installation examination of this kind.

7. Identify the Best Method of Delivery for Your Project

You may choose a quicker delivery method to fulfill your project deadlines, but the delivery charge will be higher. The distance between the two locations and how much time you devote to custom lighting projects can factor into these deadlines.


Please keep these variables in mind as you apply suggestions to speed up your custom lighting project. The effectiveness of your lighting system and its ability to help your organization succeed will be influenced by a wide range of factors. Contact us if you need assistance installing or designing custom lighting for your company. Don’t hesitate to get help from a professional.

PTY Custom Lighting is a decorative lighting company that assists hospitality organizations in bringing fresh light to their buildings to create the ideal ambiance, impressions, and experience for their customers. Contact us immediately if you are seeking custom hospitality lighting in the United States!

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