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Tips for Making Your Hotel Lighting More Energy-Efficient

 If you are looking for ways to cut down on energy use in your establishment, there are a few efficient changes you can make to your lighting to save you energy costs and to become more efficient. Your lighting can make big difference in the number that turns up on your monthly bill. Here are some tips:

Custom LED Lighting

A well-lit hotel puts guests at ease. Bright inviting lights make a space seem clean, cared for, and trustworthy. You don’t have anything to hide. So, when trying to save energy with your lights, you don’t want to sacrifice any ambiance.

That’s why LEDs are perfect for you. LED light bulbs to produce more light for the amount of energy they use – about twice as much as a CFL, one of the most popular light sources on today’s market. So, you’ll never have to lose light for the sake of saving energy.

Lobby Lighting

When it comes to light quality, LEDs are the best and most efficient. LED light bulbs and light fixtures come in a variety of color temperatures from cool to warm. Save money and become more efficient by switching out as many lightbulbs out as you can.

Occupancy Sensors

If you have a larger hotel with a lot of staff and guests always coming and going, you might find yourself leaving lights on often. This can be a waste of energy and money. You may want to save money, but you don’t want guests to end up in dark hallways or busy staff to not be able to see what they’re doing, so you will want to install vacancy sensors.

Simply install them in any areas that will have high traffic areas that you don’t have time to constantly monitor. If you have hallways or conference rooms that get almost no natural light, you can set your sensor to detect when the light level drops to prevent waste of energy by running unnecessary lights again.


Adding dimmers to the rooms can help guests appreciate the little luxuries that come along with being able to choose the strength of their room lighting during their stay. Pillow mints, plush towels, room service, are great luxuries to have but the option to dim the lights should be a standard. Installing dimmers in your hotel rooms will let your guests relax, while also helping you save energy.

Are you looking for custom LED lighting solutions for your hotel? Get in touch with PTY Lighting today for a free consultation!

We Are Expert Hotel Lighting Manufacturers

PTY Lighting specializes in hospitality lighting. Our results speak for themselves, which is why we are one of the most in-demand hotel lighting manufacturers in the United States. We don’t just help with the design of custom lights, but we manufacturer our lights in-house. This means that we can create high-end work at a reasonable price.

If you need hotel room lighting, contact us at PTY Lighting. We can work with all types of designs and styles, from Mid-Century Modern to Victorian. Whether you have a large hotel chain or a boutique bed and breakfast, we can help create just the right mood lighting to make your guests feel at home and want to come back for another stay.

What to Consider When Looking at Hospitality Lighting Thu, 29 Nov 2018 08:02:16 +0000

What to Consider When Looking at Hospitality Lighting

Hotel lighting is quite an important but overlooked feature in hospitality. It can be the make or break for walk-ins and should be held to a higher standard as the costs associated with small mistakes can be rather high. Avoid mistakes and losing thousands of dollars, or even a lawsuit, by reading on:

Wattage and Efficiency Requirements
Most of the time, electrical engineers will plan energy requirements while planning switches and circuits. When a light replacement comes up, the change in power draw could cause huge problems like changes in electrical plans, delays and wasting money on connections you can’t use anymore. To avoid this, make sure to discuss with an electrical engineer before making any changes to plans.


Safety Standards
This is the most important part and should be the first priority. Sacrificing safety standards can really put your customers in danger and you will most likely fail inspection and have to reorder completely new lighting, which will cost a lot.


The following is a lighting guide to assist you in lighting up all hotels areas appropriately:


Lobby and Reception
These are the two spaces in which hotels welcome their guests for the first time, so it is important that they stand out. This space is where a hotel has the chance to really express its uniqueness as a brand through its architecture, design, and ambiance. It’s necessary to include flexible and controlled lighting options to create a specific atmosphere.

Restaurants and Conference Rooms
An open, striking design is particularly important in the dining and entertainment areas. Lighting must emphasize the event in some way or another, while also serving a wide range of purposes.

Hallways will lead guests to their rooms so adjusted lighting can stop the hallways from looking like a tunnel and make the walk more inviting and safe for guests. Hotel owners must respect emergency lighting regulations and will need to be using the halls themselves as well as other staff, so adjusting lighting levels for their comfort to help them work better is also important.

Guest Rooms
Hotel rooms are for sleep, work, eating, relaxing and so much more. The lighting layout should reflect this variety of uses while giving guests options to meet most or all of these functions.

 PTY Lighting specializes in custom LED lighting installations in the hospitality industry – get in touch today to see how we can help.

We Are Expert Hotel Lighting Manufacturers

PTY Lighting specializes in hospitality lighting. Our results speak for themselves, which is why we are one of the most in-demand hotel lighting manufacturers in the United States. We don’t just help with the design of custom lights, but we manufacturer our lights in-house. This means that we can create high-end work at a reasonable price.

If you need hotel room lighting, contact us at PTY Lighting. We can work with all types of designs and styles, from Mid-Century Modern to Victorian. Whether you have a large hotel chain or a boutique bed and breakfast, we can help create just the right mood lighting to make your guests feel at home and want to come back for another stay.

Tips for Bespoke, Custom Hotel Lobby Lighting Thu, 15 Nov 2018 19:19:56 +0000

Bespoke Custom Hotel Lobby Lighting

When you first walk into a hotel, the first room you will walk into is the lobby. This is a hotel’s first impression, as guests see it first and may sit there, spending some time in the area. It is important that it looks and feels right. Lighting designers love to work on hotel lobbies because it can bring some unique opportunities and challenges. A hotel lobby is an area of many uses and should be warm, welcoming and a setting on behalf of the hotel. The lobby can give guests a taste of the hotel’s overall style and vibe, through a luxurious space. It should be able to change its look from day to night. The best way to set the mood of a room is lighting. Here are some ways to keep your corners lit and your low tables bright:

Welcoming Light

In more luxurious hotels, a good lobby will make people feel comfortable and welcome while at the same time reinforcing their hotel choice. For a hotel that gets walk-ins, the lobby they walk into could be the make or break to whether or not they stay. In most cases, hotels prefer to use soft warm lighting that is more yellow than white or blue.

Practical Light

A hotel lobby is a hive of activity and can see a variety of people pass through it, all with their own agenda. Whether it’s staff waiting for guests or meetings, it is important that practicality is not sacrificed for style. Guests and staff will need to be able to easily navigate through the lobby with luggage. Wall lights and LED guide strips can focus light in key areas such as the check-in desk, walkways, and the various seating areas. Creating both paths and pools of light will make guests feel more comfortable and relaxed when staying at the hotel.

Extraordinary Light

The hotel lobby is a fantastic place to communicate a brand’s overall style. Lobby lighting is a great place for designers to display flair and tact and combine practicality with aesthetic. Bespoke lighting creates a truly unique atmosphere and a look worthy of those glossy travel magazines. A centerpiece or lighting feature can really impress your guests while setting your establishment apart from the competition. In many hotels, the lobby can be one of the biggest spaces to light. Smaller lights may seem to get lost in such a large area, whereas bigger statement pieces can still draw the eye and look breathtaking and luxurious. The best way to create a feeling of height and space is to cluster a large ceiling and use different height to create additional levels of interest. If your hotel has particularly beautiful moldings or ceiling details, then directional lighting could make the ceiling a focal point for guests.

Adaptable Light

Lighting solutions need to be particularly versatile in hotel lobbies because they will be seen at all hours of the day and night. When a hotel has larger windows, let in as much natural light as possible by tying back curtains and raising the blinds, allowing your statement ceiling lighting to become more decorative during the day. Let your lobby lighting really shine at night with dashes of small LEDs to lend a little sparkle to dark corners, large chandeliers can take center stage, and wall and picture lights can draw attention to interesting architectural details or artwork. For more information on hotel lighting in general, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We Are Expert Hotel Lighting Manufacturers

PTY Lighting specializes in hospitality lighting. Our results speak for themselves, which is why we are one of the most in-demand hotel lighting manufacturers in the United States. We don’t just help with the design of custom lights, but we manufacturer our lights in-house. This means that we can create high-end work at a reasonable price.

If you need hotel room lighting, contact us at PTY Lighting. We can work with all types of designs and styles, from Mid-Century Modern to Victorian. Whether you have a large hotel chain or a boutique bed and breakfast, we can help create just the right mood lighting to make your guests feel at home and want to come back for another stay.

How to Design the Lighting for Your Hospitality Business Thu, 15 Nov 2018 19:12:29 +0000
Why does Custom Lighting matter?

There’s a lot you need to consider when designing the lighting for a hospitality business. It needs to create an atmosphere that fits with the theme of your business while providing a healthy balance between natural and artificial lighting.


Too Bright is not Nice

You first need to identify the purpose of the lighting first before you design the lighting system. This will ensure that both the illumination and the style fit with what it was intended to do. It will help your guests and customers to feel comfortable in your venue, which will entice them to come back.


Different Lighting Styles

For specific lighting tasks like a casino table, the illumination needs to be adequate and the glare needs to be minimized. This is to make sure that the table is well-lit but not so bright as to distract the player from the high stake game.

For a restaurant, you need to make sure that the lighting is just enough that the customers can read the menus and see the food. This doesn’t mean that you should just make the light as bright as possible. Too much light can ruin the atmosphere of the entire venue, not to mention that the customers can be extremely annoyed with the glare from their silverware.

If you want to create a romantic outdoor ambience, for example, instead of using an overhead light, you can get enough lighting from a candle or a small table lamp. If you need more light, you can add more lighting in the general area with no customers to keep the atmosphere coherent. For an event where people need to be moving around in a room, like a gathering or a ball, for instance, the lighting needs to be flexible to emphasize the events that are taking place in the room with the main chandelier as the primary source of light.


For a performance hall, on the other hand, the lighting needs to be mobile and it should offer a plethora of different options to fit with the performance. The light should move with the performance to single out a solo performer or emphasize the cohesion of the movements of the entire show.

As you can see there more to lighting design than randomly placing lamps and bulbs everywhere. The key is that the lighting needs to not stand out, instead, it should emphasize the appealing elements of the venue discreetly. If you notice the lighting, it usually means that there’s something wrong with it.


Custom Lighting Design

If you can’t find the specific type of lighting you’re looking for, you might need to work with a professional lighting design to push your hospitality business to the next level. They can offer you educated advice on how to make the most out of the venue and bring the design elements together in a natural way. Get in touch with PTY Lighting today! We’d love to help.


We Are Expert Hotel Lighting Manufacturers

PTY Lighting specializes in hospitality lighting. Our results speak for themselves, which is why we are one of the most in-demand hotel lighting manufacturers in the United States. We don’t just help with the design of custom lights, but we manufacturer our lights in-house. This means that we can create high-end work at a reasonable price.

If you need hotel room lighting, contact us at PTY Lighting. We can work with all types of designs and styles, from Mid-Century Modern to Victorian. Whether you have a large hotel chain or a boutique bed and breakfast, we can help create just the right mood lighting to make your guests feel at home and want to come back for another stay.

How a Hotel Can Use Custom LED Lighting to Optimize Energy Consumption Fri, 02 Nov 2018 14:32:15 +0000

Hotels can be incredibly expensive to run and hoteliers all over the world are always looking for ways to cut costs and improve their bottom line without sacrificing the guest experience that they are able to offer. One major area where you could stand to decrease costs quite significantly is your lighting. Energy costs are always increasing. The public’s awareness of sustainability is also growing – with it, their desire to support businesses that minimize their energy use.

Many hotels have lighting solutions that take up almost half of their overall electricity consumption. There are areas that have to be illuminated around the clock – the exterior, the entryway, the lobby, and the corridors. By upgrading to a modern energy-efficient lighting solution, you could be saving money twenty-four hours a day. That being said, we understand that there are many other things to worry about other than money. Sure, you want a cost-effective lighting solution. But you also want something that is effective and will add to the overall guest experience rather than detracting from it. LED lights can do just that. If you’re considering upgrading to a custom LED lighting solution, here are some things you may find useful:


1 – Start with a plan

Any major change should start with a plan. A great lighting system isn’t only made up of bulbs and fixtures. It also involves natural light, color schemes, and special attention to guest comforts.

Functionality is key and you have to ensure that the lights you install are suited for the use of the area. What your guests need in their bedrooms will not be the same as what your staff needs in the kitchen. There are three general lighting types that you’ll have to pay attention to: ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Lights classified as ambient lighting are able to illuminate indoor and outdoor areas for visibility. Task lighting can be offered by bedside lamps, table lamps, and bathroom mirror lamps. They offer extra illumination when people need to do things. Accent lighting is more aesthetic. It draws attention to particular areas such as a painting on the wall.


While you plan your lighting, you will have to think about the needs and uses of each room and then outline the components that will be required to meet those needs.


2 – Use natural light to your advantage

Natural lighting is undoubtedly the best type of lighting you could enjoy because it is not only beautiful but it is free. Take advantage of natural light by daylighting. Many people choose to construct hotels, homes, and other places with windows facing the north because it offers pleasant natural light throughout the day. South-facing windows do too but they may let in more heat. Windows in the east and the west catch full blast of the sun at sunrise and sunset respectively and may let in too much heat if they are not well-insulated.

If you are considering making the natural light a bigger part of your lighting solution, it’s worth taking some time to consider your heating and cooling costs. More windows often mean more places for heat to move in and out. There are times when the increase in heating or cooling costs is more than the amount you save on lighting.


3 – Optimize your color scheme

The colors that you choose for your walls can make quite a bit of difference in your lighting. Light colors and reflecting surfaces will make the most of your lighting so you don’t have to use as much energy. You may even get by on pure natural light for most of the day.


4 – Invest in light management control systems

Timers, sensors, and keycards that cut power to rooms when nobody is inside can save quite a lot of energy. That being said, it’s important to choose bulbs that are made to be turned on and off frequently, as some wear out quickly if they are switched on and off very often. Make intelligent lighting systems a part of your overall lighting strategy to reduce wasting energy in areas with intermittent use.


5 – Choose newer technology

Advancements in technology have yielded bulbs and lighting products that are a lot more energy-efficient compared to their traditional counterparts. Incandescent lamps, for example, are incredibly energy-hungry and will cost a lot of money to run. Fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps are better choices, but even they are getting outdated compared to light-emitting diodes, better known as LED. LED lights are energy-efficient, don’t produce a lot of heat, and have a very long life. There are so many LED options on the market nowadays too so you can choose whatever color temperature you like. You can even get dimmable lights. Although LED lights require a larger capital investment, you don’t need to change them nearly as often. This will allow you to save more money in the long run.


Lighting matters more than you’d think

A great lighting solution allows you to decrease energy consumption and therefore costs. It will also cut down on maintenance costs because you don’t have to change bulbs as often. Your guests will enjoy the enhanced experience and the better lighting quality. Plus, you’ll be able to use your sustainable lighting as a selling point of your hotel. What better way to upgrade your hotel and save costs while not sacrificing the comfort of your guests?


We Are Expert Hotel Lighting Manufacturers

PTY Lighting specializes in hospitality lighting. Our results speak for themselves, which is why we are one of the most in-demand hotel lighting manufacturers in the United States. We don’t just help with the design of custom lights, but we manufacturer our lights in-house. This means that we can create high-end work at a reasonable price.

If you need hotel room lighting, contact us at PTY Lighting. We can work with all types of designs and styles, from Mid-Century Modern to Victorian. Whether you have a large hotel chain or a boutique bed and breakfast, we can help create just the right mood lighting to make your guests feel at home and want to come back for another stay.

Seeing the Project Through – Embassy Suites, Texas Wed, 17 Oct 2018 23:24:46 +0000

Seeing the Project Through – Embassy Suites, Texas

Who Was Involved?


Cost Savings


Lead Time Saved

The Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center in Denton, Texas is a newly designed and built hotel that is located conveniently in Denton’s Rayzor Ranch Town Center entertainment district. The Denton Convention Center is 70,000 square feet and designed to handle 1,700 people.

All of the guest rooms in this Embassy Suites location are, as the name suggests, suites, and the average size is approximately 500 square feet. In addition to the bedroom, each suite features a living room with a couch that can also be converted into a bed, a desk for working, and a wet bar with a miniature fridge, microwave oven, and coffeemaker.

In addition to the Convention Center, the hotel also offers its own meeting rooms within the hotel as well as extensive outdoor space that includes an 8,000 square foot “event lawn.” A massive rooftop patio provides views of the Rayzor Ranch Town Center and encompasses 3,000 square feet.

PTY Lighting assisted in providing all of the decorative lighting for the hotel. Production started March 17, 2017 and finished August 20, 2017. We worked with Embassy Suites, O’Reilly Hospitality Management, and MatchLine Design Group on the project.

With its connection to the Denton Convention Center, the Embassy Suites hotel is designed to appeal to business travelers who need a place to stay that enables them to equally relax and conduct business.

At the same time, the hotel may also attract non-working guests, with its outdoor space designed to work as a great spot for weddings. With this in mind, the design of the hotel needed to be modern and not overly burdened with flashy design. Most of the interior decoration in the hotel is comprised of clean lines with muted colors.

Much of the decorative lighting follows this style of clean, simple lines, with guest hallway wall sconces offering a streamlined rectangular shape. Guest rooms offer a variety of complimentary lighting styles, from the distinctive curved wood slats in the pendulum lights to oval-shaped burnished metal lampshades next to the bed.

Of course, we love making signature pieces that truly set a hotel apart. We created quite a few for The Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center.

One chandelier takes its inspiration from the pendulums that keep time in an old Grandfather’s Clock. The lights in this chandelier are in long, clear glass tubes that suspend from the ceiling and are balanced out by simple metal weights. A slight hint of filament can be seen, which evokes the romance of old lighting while keeping a modern look.

Our favorite chandelier is the one inspired by the local music scene: What looks like the flute of a trumpet or trombone flares out from multiple brass pipes, creating what appears to be a unique instrument made of lights.

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and it is a certification for green building. In fact, it is the most widely recognized and used green building certification on the planet.

Being LEED-certified shows a commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. Of course, this applies to all of the lighting that is used in a building. Hotels that want to be LEED-certified must have efficient lighting that does not unnecessarily waste energy.

At PTY Lighting, we are experts in designing and manufacturing highly efficient hotel lighting that meets or exceeds LEED standards. We use the latest technologies such as LED lights that can work with smart grids.

We are proud that The Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center has not only received LEED certification, it has achieved the coveted gold-level standard.

LEED buildings can earn certifications in four categories based on points. The more points you earn, the better the certification. The level “Certified” is the basic certification requiring 40-49 points. Then comes “Silver,” which requires 50-59 points. The “Gold” level has a wider point span of 60-79 points. The highest level of certification is Platinum, which needs 80 points or more and is quite rare.

Part of the design of The Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center includes solar panels on the roof to help generate 15 to 20 percent of the power needed for the entire hotel/convention center complex.

The Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center would not be able to achieve Gold level certification without energy efficient lighting. We are proud to help make that happen.

The Best in Hospitality Lighting Design and Manufacturing

At PTY Lighting, we do more than just supply hotel lights. As hospitality lighting manufacturers and design consultants, we are experts in restaurant and hotel lighting design. From start to finish, we can design and then manufacture your custom lights, providing logistical support throughout the process. We work hard to give you the best, most cost-effective lighting solution. Contact us today for a consultation.

PTY Guarantee Plan Wed, 17 Oct 2018 23:24:44 +0000

The PTY Guarantee Plan

The PTY Guarantee Plan

When you need custom lighting for a high-profile construction or interior design project, you can’t be left hanging. At PTY Lighting, we deliver. This is our PTY Guarantee: Quality, Cost-Effective Lighting that is ON TIME. PTY Lighting is a custom lighting manufacturer that creates hotel lighting for hotel guest rooms and public spaces such as lobbies and ballrooms.

We stand out because we have the ability to create custom lighting at any size and amount for 10% less than the market rate. We also offer hand tailored creations and customer service that is top-notch. And, because we are also hospitality lighting manufacturers, we can ensure that the custom lighting you receive is of the highest quality.

Our Custom Lighting Design Work Process
We work with you every step of the way to create beautiful, cost-effective, and energy-efficient lighting that adds charm and interest to every room. Our process is entirely collaborative, and we remain in constant communication with you and your team at every step in the process.

We want you to be confident in us. At any point in the design or production, you can always communicate to us if something needs to be fixed, improved, or remedied. We pride ourselves in offering the best customer service in the industry, and we mean that.

Here is an overview of our entire process, from start to finish:

Step 1: Consultation & Discovery

We meet with you and your team to discuss your project and determine the past path forward. Our decorative lighting experts will listen very carefully to what your needs are, and go over form, function, and aesthetics with great attention to detail.

Our team will conduct a thorough review of all the provided information, including, but not limited to, the lighting specifications package, interior design drawings, and architectural drawings. We will analyze the ideas and plans to engineer suitable solutions to properly illuminate a space, while maintaining the design aesthetic.

Step 2: Shop Drawings & Revisions

During this stage, we will be leveraging detailed custom light fixture specifications to create shop drawings. These are then reviewed with your design team. We will resolve any issues or concerns and offer suggestions for revisions. Once you are satisfied, your team will formally sign off on final drawings before production.

Step 3: Finishes & Prototype Approvals

In step 3, custom lighting and hardware finishes and initial prototypes will be presented to and approved by you. We encourage our clients to review these prototypes and communicate as quickly as possible – especially if we need to go back and do another round of revisions. That way, we can begin production as soon as possible.

Step 4: Production

After drawings and finishes are approved, the clock starts on production. We will also create any final prototypes during this time so you can see exactly how the light will look and work. Of course, these too will receive your approval before mass production begins.
Our staff will always keep you well informed during the entire production process. In fact, you will receive regular updates in the form of pictures and videos as your lights are being built.

Step 5: Packing & Shipping

After production is completed, our facilities will package and prepare your contract lighting order for shipment. We verify that everything has been built and packed according to the necessary requirements, and then make sure all of your custom lights arrive safely, in one piece.
Our logistics specialists have the experience and knowledge to plan the quickest and most cost-effective method of delivering your order. Once carefully packaged to ensure safe transport, your lighting goods will be on their way to the property for installation.

Step 6: Installation Support

We offer full hands-on support to the electricians and site techs who will be installing your new hotel lighting fixtures. While we usually don’t provide the actual labor for installation, our expert guidance helps the process run smoothly and efficiently.
In addition to the personal communication, assistance, and consulting, we also provide all necessary literature and instructions to help along the way.
Once your project is complete, we are sure you will be pleased with your custom interior lighting.

Our Work Has Been Proven and Can Be Found at 5-Star Hotel Properties

If you want to hear what some of our many satisfied customers have to say, check out our Testimonials section. We also have a Portfolio of some of our recent projects available, where you can see our custom lighting in action.

Our work has been featured in some of the world’s best hotels, upscale hotel chains, and restaurants, including The Hotel Las Americas Golden Tower Panama, RIU Times Square in New York City, the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott in Brooklyn, New York, the American Cut Restaurant (multiple locations), and the Four Points Sheraton in both Lima, Peru, and Shanghai, China.

We deliver custom lighting solutions to top hospitality brands, including The Ritz-Carlton, Hilton, Hyatt, Westin Hotels & Resorts, and many more.

Our PTY Guarantee Plan: The Best Custom Lights at a Great Price!

If you are looking for hospitality lighting companies, look no further. As hotel lighting suppliers, we do everything, from custom lighting design to manufacturing of light fixtures. Whether you need custom pendant lights or wired custom lighting, for your project, we can help. Contact us today for a consultation.

Custom Lighting and Design – American Golden Tower, Panama Wed, 17 Oct 2018 23:24:43 +0000

Custom Lighting and Design – American Golden Tower, Panama

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On Time Delivery

American Golden Tower – Panama

The Hotel Las Americas Golden Tower Panama is a 5-star luxury hotel located in Panama City, Panama.

PTY Lighting was tasked with providing the entire custom lighting package for this beautiful hotel designed by world-renowned Architect, Carlos Ott. With a production time of just 60 days, we worked hard to help create an amazing lighting landscape for this now-renowned hotel that only launched in December of 2016.

Carlos Ott, Architect

To create the custom lighting for the hotel, we were privileged to work with the Carlos Ott Architect firm. Uruguayan architect Carlos Ott is renowned globally for his astonishing and unique architectural designs. He is well-known for being the architect of the world-famous

Dubai National Bank, with its unique curved glass front.

Ott first became well-known for winning an international design competition in 1983 to architect the Opéra Bastille in Paris. Ott beat out 743 other contestants and was hand-picked by then French President François Mitterrand.

Since then, Ott has won many other competitions around the world, including one for the Jiang Su Opera House in Nanjing, China.

Some of his more recent renowned works include Hotel Boca by Design Suites, Buenos Aires; Universidad Argentina de la Empresa, Sede Pinamar; The Proscenium at Rockwell, Makati City; Philippines, and ECHO Aventura, Aventura, Florida.

Ott said the following about The Hotel Las Americas Golden Tower Panama: “It is a unique hotel in a very central place of Panama City. The goal is to create an exceptional building that leaves a great memory on its clients.”

As you can imagine, working with the Carlos Ott Architect firm was an incredible opportunity to create some of the most fantastic lighting we have ever designed and manufactured at PTY Lighting.

The Importance of Creative Lighting Design

The Hotel Las Americas Golden Tower Panama has 285 rooms on 21 floors. With one Presidential Suite, 270 rooms are “deluxe,” and 14 are junior suites. The restaurant has two full- service restaurants and a “gastronomic area” on the ground floor. There are two bars, one in the lobby and the other by the pool.

The hotel also has a fitness center, spa, beauty salon, business center, executive lounge, and conference rooms.

With such diverse spaces, we were challenged to provide custom interior lighting solutions to

enhance the beautiful architectural design of Ott. Some of the hotel room lighting includes recessed lights in circular ceiling indentations and double lampshades with a black/grey screen covering the interior’s off-white shade. Chrome floor lamps accented suites with sleek white sofas and golden pillows.

The 507 Bar features retro custom pendant lights, and a unique collection of clustered pendant lights graces the bar near the curved pool.

One of the restaurants features a long, central wooden ceiling sculpture surrounded by lamps suspended from thin black rails. Hanging table lights offer a unique see-through ribbed effect.

The Main Attraction: The Custom Chandelier in the Hotel Lobby

Although the entire project came out beautifully, the stand out piece is undoubtedly the lobby chandelier, made of various elements, depicting the country of Panama.

The decorative lighting shows a map of Panama that inspires and highlights Panamanian National Pride. You can see the map when you stand under the lights and look straight up.

The hotel owner has reported that the 60-foot custom chandelier attracts many people, even from the outside of the building.

Because of its unique, iconic look, the chandelier in the lobby has become “selfie central,” with tourists and even local residents taking snapshots of themselves under the dazzling light fixture.

We love when our lighting creations become more than just part of a room. When the lighting fixture becomes an attraction in and of itself, it can add tremendous value to a property. By using unique materials and designs, custom lighting can literally and figuratively light up a place.

Creating Sustainable Lighting for Energy Efficiency

The Hotel Las Americas Golden Tower Panama is committed to environmental sustainability, and it is the only LEED-certified building in Panama. LEED stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design,” and it is one of the most well-known green building certifications in the world. It was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council and has strict requirements that

buildings must meet to earn the certification.

Of course, this also means that all the custom lighting fixtures in the hotel had to be energy-efficient to pass the certification.

Therefore, all of the Golden Tower’s hotel lighting fixtures are LED lights designed to save energy. LED lights are extremely flexible, but care needs to be taken to make sure they give off an impression of warmth and not a cold, electric feel.

The guest room lighting is set up with an energy saver option as well. This way, guests won’t waste energy by leaving lights on unnecessarily.

Custom Lighting for 5-Star Hotels

PTY Lighting is very proud of the work we did for The Hotel Las Americas Golden Tower Panama. This is one of our most treasured projects, not just for the opportunity to be a part of a Carlos Ott building, but for the creativity combined with sustainability.

We supported every part of the process, from the design to the actual production of the lights in our custom lighting manufacturing facility. With the creative use of high-quality LED lighting, we were able to produce stunning lighting that perfectly complemented Carlos Ott’s stellar architecture.

If you have a hotel lighting project you need help with, contact us at PTY Lighting. With our extensive experience, creative capabilities, and manufacturing might, we can help with all aspects of your project. Contact us today for a consultation.

We Are Expert Hotel Lighting Manufacturers

PTY Lighting specializes in hospitality lighting. Our results speak for themselves, which is why we are one of the most in-demand hotel lighting manufacturers in the United States. We don’t just help with the design of custom lights, but we manufacturer our lights in-house. This means that we can create high-end work at a reasonable price.

If you need hotel room lighting, contact us at PTY Lighting. We can work with all types of designs and styles, from Mid-Century Modern to Victorian. Whether you have a large hotel chain or a boutique bed and breakfast, we can help create just the right mood lighting to make your guests feel at home and want to come back for another stay.

Quick Delivery Custom Light Fixtures – HPG Latin America Wed, 17 Oct 2018 23:24:42 +0000

Quick Delivery Custom Light Fixtures – HPG Latin America

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Custom Light Fixtures: Start to Finish

The JW Marriott Hotel Lima is a 5-star luxury hotel located in posh Miraflores district of Lima, the capital of Peru. PTY Lighting provided all the custom light fixtures for the guest rooms in this new build developed by the owner. We worked with HPG International Latin America and JW Marriott Lima on the details of the hotel and lighting specifications. The project start date was January 7, 2015. We completed the custom hotel lights on February 10, 2015, and they were delivered to the hotel on March 22, 2015.

About the JW Marriott Hotel Lima

The JW Marriott Hotel Lima gets rave reviews from guests, who often call it the best hotel in Lima. It is known not just for the excellent accommodations and gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean, but its exceptional customer service.

The JW Marriott Hotel Lima is located in the popular Lima tourist destination, the Miraflores district. This upscale and affluent area south of downtown Lima is known for its fantastic shopping, delicious restaurants, trendy bars and nightclubs, and access to the Pacific Ocean.

The climate in Miraflores is mild, with an average low of 55 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and a high of 86 degrees in the summer. While clouds are frequent, very little heavy rain falls on the district. This makes the district an extremely popular place for tourists who come here from all over the world to relax and enjoy the beautiful country of Peru.

With its unique curved design of glass patterned with stone squares, the JW Marriott Hotel Lima is an iconic building in the midst of this popular district. It is designed to appeal to the well-heeled discriminating traveler who wants luxury and the best service.

The hotel has won awards and accolades, including the 2017 Green Partner Award from TripAdvisor, the 2017 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor, and the 2018 Travelers’ Choice Award from TripAdvisor.

Custom Light Fixtures for the Guest Rooms

In coming up with the perfect lighting for this upscale, landmark hotel, PTY Lighting took into consideration the discerning guests that would be staying here. The overall design of the hotel was that of simple sophistication, with clean lines and muted colors such as off-white and tan, complemented by rich browns. Our custom light fixtures needed to accent the elegant décor without taking away from it.

The JW Marriott Hotel Lima offers the following room types:

– Deluxe Room: Comes with one king or two double beds and an ocean/city view.

– Prime Ocean View: Comes with one king or two double beds, and an ocean facing view.

– Executive Room: Comes with access to the executive lounge, one king or two double beds, and an ocean facing view.

– Suite: Comes with access to the executive lounge, an executive suite, one king-sized bed, and an ocean facing view on a high floor.

– Suite with Whirlpool: Comes with access to the executive lounge, an executive suite, one king-sized bed, a whirlpool jacuzzi and an ocean facing view.

– Presidential Suite: Available on the executive level with access to the executive lounge on a private access floor. Comes with a presidential suite with one bedroom, one king-sized bed, and one and a half bathrooms.

Many room types had similar interior designs but, of course, additional lighting needed to be designed to accent and light up the suites. The basic guest room includes a unique lighting fixture: Behind the bed, four panels are angled slightly to overlap and allow some light to peek through. Next to the bed are rectangular lamps with simple black metal frames. In the larger rooms and suites, elegant standing floor lamps were included, with an asymmetrical tripod base and large solid lampshades. Room desks offer a table lamp that is reminiscent of the bedside lamps, only these have dark, oval shades framed by black metal.

The luxurious presidential suite – which even has its own baby grand piano – has its own special lighting, including a unique hanging light fixture that incorporates four separate lamps with shades on a chrome bar. All the rooms also included recessed lighting placed in strategic areas to light up walkways, bathrooms, and other commonly used spaces.

The Best in Hospitality Lighting Design and Manufacturing

At PTY Lighting, we are not your average hotel lighting suppliers. We manufacture our custom lights ourselves in addition to providing expert consulting and restaurant and hotel lighting design. From the creation of your custom light fixtures to logistical support throughout the process, we do it all! We will work hard to give you a stunning lighting solution for your best customers! Contact us today for a consultation.


Decorative Lighting Case Study: Brooklyn Bridge Marriott Mon, 01 Oct 2018 15:45:10 +0000

Decorative Lighting Case Study: Brooklyn Bridge Marriott

Marriott Brooklyn Bridge Ballroom

Case Study

Who Was Involved?


Cost Savings


Install Time Saved

The Challenge

The Project Team at the Brooklyn Marriott had a unique request – purchasing a new set of crystal grand chandeliers for their ballroom without replacing the existing electrical work from their previous installation. This request would greatly reduce the client’s costs by eliminating the need to hire and coordinate with union electricians, which is an expected expense when typically installing a chandelier.

The Solution

After some deliberation on our end, PTY Lighting approached the Marriott team with a proposal that involved constructing retrofit cages that would be mounted onto the existing framework and lights. The idea was well received; however, there would be a number of challenges to overcome.

From Concept To Creation

Thinking Outside the Box

Thanks to our talented design team, we moved ahead with the task of designing and constructing the retrofit cages. Our goal was to create a cage that would not only fit over the old chandeliers but also bring a fresh, practical look to the space. By avoiding the need for electrical work with this design, we completely bypassed the need for electrical work during the installation process, which saved time and costs related to the installation project. As a result the project was able to come in on budget and meet the strict deadline put forth by the Marriott team.

Crafting The Peg

With an unconventional job such as this, detail was paramount. Working together with the design team and ownership, we requested and took account of every single element and measurement of the space and existing chandeliers. PTY’s top designers calculated the necessary reflective properties to ensure that no radiance was lost in the retrofit process. After carefully selecting an optimal crystal style and design approach, we conferred with the Marriott team once more and began the process of drafting shop drawings that would serve as the foundation for the project. Passing our drawing through multiple draft phases in collaboration with the Marriott design team, we fabricated our first samples and were ready for testing.

Threading The Needle

All the planning and preparation in the world pales in comparison to a trial run and final installation. Aware of the pitfalls that can befall even the best designers, PTY insisted on fabricating and sending a sample to the build site for on-site testing of the retrofit cage. We provided partial samples of the main chandelier, as well as complete samples of the replacement wall sconce and its’ crystal dressing. From there, we gathered all the stakeholders involved on the project (PTY Lighting, Benjamin West, Krause and Sawyer), to evaluate the results of the test. Thanks to the feedback from our clients, PTY Lighting was able to make the final necessary adjustments and revisions before moving ahead to fabrication.

Our experience is positive with respect to their being able to offer valuable suggestions on design and manufacturing matters. They’re a key member of our vendor team.

- Peter Serpico

CEO of OmniBuild Construction

The Finishing Touch

Moving Forward

With our revised specifications and notes from the on-site test of the retrofit frames, we moved forward into production stage of the project.
The final design approved upon resulted in a large metal frame donning very large hanging crystals, that would fit around and over the previous fixture. Due to the size and complexity of the fixture, we took special care in measuring the precise lengths of each strip of metal while simultaneously fortifying them to hold the large hanging crystals that the chandelier would be dressed with.

Because this is a retrofit rather than your typical installation, the fixtures were built with the installation process in mind. We shipped the frame in segments that could be fit onto the old chandelier section by section, while also creating a detailed installation guide that detailed the precise method as to which new chandeliers were designed to be installed with. This greatly eased and streamlined the installer’s job on-site. Once the fixture was received, we sent one of our in-house experts to oversee the installation and assist with any and all difficulties that may have occurred.

The Finishing Touch

First, we would need to ensure the retrofit cage would fit onto the
existing electrical framework and the dressing could fully take advantage of the type of existing lighting.

Second, we would need to capture precise specifications of the existing chandeliers so as to determine the size of the frame we potentially design. Afterward, the Brooklyn Marriott team provided us with the existing lighting
Finally, with all the information and measurements in hand, a scope of work is created. During this phase, our team decides the type of crystals that will adorn the finished frame. If poorly chosen, it could potentially result in a crystal dressing that can’t fully utilize the available lighting and thus look lackluster as the finished product.


Our Path To Success



Reviewing the pertinent information we set forth planning the most design-minded and cost-effective approach. Engineering of the fixtures had the aesthetics, function and the installation process as a priority.



After careful consideration, our designers crafted production drawings, down to the fine details. The drawings were crafted and then reviewed by the onsite engineers, electricians and designers on the project.



Once the design drawings were created and approved, our team quickly moved into fabricating the first retrofit cages, to install and examine onsite. With a few slight revisions, we were ready for full production.



With testing now completed, manufacturing proceeded, including the producing of the retrofit cages for the grand chandeliers, matching wall sconces clusters surrounding the room and the crystal dressing for each.



Due to the complexity of the installation, our staff helped guide othe site installers along the way with detailed installation instructions, well packaged and organzied parts, weekly team conferences and frequent site visits to ensure success.