Elegant and Understated Design for Scarpetta Italian Restaurant in Philadelphia, PA

Jul 14, 2019

Elegant and Understated Design for Scarpetta Italian Restaurant in Philadelphia, PA 2

Scarpetta is an upscale restaurant brand from LDV hospitality that offers flavorful Italian dishes with a high-end dining experience. Scarpetta restaurants are found in five locations: New York City, the Hamptons, Las Vegas, Miami, Philadelphia, and Newport, Rhode Island.

About Scarpetta Italian Restaurant

The name “scarpetta” comes from the Italian phrase “fare la scarpetta,” describing the practice of scooping up the last bit of sauce in the pot with a piece of boot-shaped bread.

Scarpetta is an award-winning restaurant brand, which was nominated for the James Beard “Best New Restaurant in America” distinction. It also garnered a three-star review from the New York Times (which is a high rating for New York Times restaurant reviews).

The essence of this Italian food brand is described on the Scarpetta Restaurants website as:

“The understated, yet elegant approach to design creates an environment that is simultaneously chic, welcoming, and inspiring.”

Scarpetta Philadelphia is located at Rittenhouse Square, a famous public park and neighborhood that has roots in Colonial times. William Penn (for whom the state Pennsylvania is named after) helped planned this park in the late 1600s. Now a charming location for a stroll, as well as all the top “foodie” restaurants, Rittenhouse Square is a popular destination for locals and tourists.

Scarpetta Philadelphia overlooks the park and provides a warm, intimate place to enjoy a glass of wine and fine food with friends, coworkers, and loved ones.

Why PTY Lighting Was Chosen for This Restaurant Lighting Project

Hospitality lighting is a critical piece of the design and function of any restaurant. The lights chosen for the venue not only create a certain type of mood and ambiance, but they also provide important functionality. Restaurant patrons need to be able to read menus clearly, while not being blinded by lights that are too strong. Furthermore, lighting should also enhance the look of the food, making it even more appealing and appetizing.

This is where custom lighting comes in. With the right custom restaurant lighting, the ambiance of a food venue can go from mediocre to amazing.

PTY Lighting was chosen for this contract restaurant lighting project because of our unique attention to details and our proven track record designing and manufacturing large custom lighting pieces. We also have had previous success in providing custom restaurant lighting for the ownership team’s other restaurants.

We worked with LDV Hospitality and Omnibuild Construction to craft unique, welcoming lighting for this upscale Italian bistro. We completed the public space lighting throughout the entire restaurant.

Scarpetta Philadelphia Custom Lighting Style

Scarpetta Philadelphia is listed on the OpenTable restaurant review website as “Casual Elegant.” (The restaurant averages 4.6 stars there with around 800 reviews.) The OpenTable listing describes the venue thusly:

“The understated-yet-elegant approach to design creates an environment that is simultaneously stylish, welcoming, and inspiring, where guests can feel as though they are at a decadent dinner party.”

The overall look and feel is warm yet sophisticated. Brown leather, pale red brick, and dark wood floors are gently lit by strategically placed recessed lights. Trapezoidal ceiling fixtures made from clear glass and burnished metal showcase old-fashioned glowing light bulbs. These unique overhead lamps were created to provide a subtle touch of interest without overly dominating the room. The entire effect is one of welcoming harmony with a slightly masculine but overall warm feel to the entire restaurant.

In creating an understated yet striking look for this Italian restaurant, we worked with LDV Hospitality and Omnibuild Construction to determine the right lighting styles to complement the modern yet traditional interior design.

As always, we provide service from design to manufacturing, to offer a comprehensive lighting solution. Other custom restaurant lighting companies may outsource the manufacturing, which means they have less quality control over the final finished project.

We know, when we are working on a top restaurant brand such as Scarpetta Restaurants, that attention to detail is critical. Each piece must function perfectly and become part of a harmonious whole.

We are very pleased with the end result at Scarpetta Philadelphia, and we encourage you to visit this lovely Italian restaurant if you are in the area. You will enjoy excellent food and a great atmosphere.

Why Customers Should Consider Us for Custom Restaurant Lighting Projects

PTY Lighting delivers high-end contract restaurant lighting and hospitality lighting for the top restaurant brands. We go beyond design and engineering with our in-house lighting manufacturing using the latest production equipment. With our attention to detail, we are often chosen by the premiere hospitality groups to provide high-quality custom restaurant lighting for popular food and drink venues.