Decorative Lighting In Guest Suites: Why It’s Important

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Decorative Lighting In Guest Suites: Why It’s Important

One of the thrills of owning a hotel is making sure that you are always ready for guests. This includes making sure that all the accommodations have been cleaned thoroughly, all your amenities are ready, and that your interior design helps create a mood conducive to rest and relaxation. 

However, one aspect of interior design that is often overlooked is the lighting. After all, this aspect plays an important part in mood setting and the overall customer experience. 

To help you out, here are some tips to nailing that custom lighting design you’ve always wanted:

Match your lighting with your finishes

It goes without saying that you want your lighting to complement whatever design you have in the rooms you are planning to remodel. In guest rooms, it’s easy to overlook the fixtures—but light does play a big role in any design scheme! This facet will have a significant impact on the comfort, mood, and overall experience of any guest’s stay.

If you have a clean, contemporary aesthetic, we recommend looking into polished chrome or matte nickel fixtures, as these types complement each other. You could also try contrasting it with gold, copper, or matte black fixtures to add a sense of luxury. 

Assign light according to ‘layer’ and use

Think of how lighting can build up in different ways so that it can be used in different settings. Factors that can include the ‘layer’ of light implemented include the time of day and the purpose of the light. 

Go through your hotel and take note of all the lights that you have, such as wall lights, ceiling and downlights, pendants, skirting level marker lights, and floor uplights. See how all these different sources can combine to have an impact on the mood of the space. 

Lighting is uniquely capable of inspiring a ‘wow’ factor from your guests, especially when it is used correctly. However, you should also provide an avenue to have it wind down for calmer environments, such as secondary sources that function as a night light or LED reading lamps that guests can use to continue reading or working while their partner goes to bed.

Group your lights according to ‘family’

As much as possible, we would recommend going for lights that have the same design and aesthetic. This helps create a cohesive look within the guest room. Ensure that the table, wall, and floor lights have an aesthetic connection to one another so that everything looks coordinated and consistent with the overall lighting scheme. 

Don’t forget your bathroom

It’s easy to overlook the bathroom, but this space has a lot of creative potential! It’s where your guests go for sanitation purposes throughout the day and is often the first step in their morning routine. Use practical yet flattering illumination, such as lights around the mirror, so that they can get a clear view of their face while cleansing or putting on make-up. 

While the morning routine may include bright lights to help your guests prepare for the day ahead, their night routine could use some lower-level lighting. Think of fixtures that can be used to give the bathroom a soothing, spa-like experience.


Lighting is such an important mood setter that is often overlooked in any establishment. There is an art to developing and placing these fixtures—and these items do not come cheap. Naturally, you will want to find a professional hotel lighting supplier so that you make the most out of this investment. 

PTY Custom Lighting is a team of decorative lighting experts that are based in the US. We are custom lighting suppliers and will work on providing fixtures that are personalized to your brand and business. Request a quotation today to start looking for lights that will help your hotel stand out!

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