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Get the Best in Custom Restaurant Lighting

PTY Custom Lighting provides expertise in custom light fixtures for your restaurant. Contact us to discuss how we can bring your idea to life.

Why Custom Lighting
Is So Important in Today’s Restaurants


Having the right restaurant lighting can absolutely make or break your restaurant business. When people come to eat at a restaurant, they aren’t just expecting good food. They want the right experience. A major part of creating the perfect ambiance at a restaurant is the lighting. The right lighting can make your restaurant really “glow” with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The wrong lighting can put off customers and make them feel ill at ease or under a spotlight.

Even casual restaurants and so-called “fast food joints” need the right type of lighting to help attract and retain customers.

Gone are the days when restaurants could get away with cheap, tacky décor. Now, especially if your restaurant is in an urban area, your restaurant needs to be not just hip but upscale. The perfect custom light fixture can set the right mood and even help brand your restaurant business.

Considerations When Implementing Restaurant Lighting

At PTY Custom Lighting, we are experts in custom lighting design and manufacturing. When planning your restaurant lighting, a number of different factors need to be taken into consideration. Here are just a few of the different variables we might consider when designing your custom lighting solution:

1. Time of Day Lighting

You may have a restaurant that serves people for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Or, perhaps your restaurant is more of a bar that only operates in the evenings and needs to set a particular mood.

Breakfast: Typically, lighting should be brighter in the morning, so people can wake up and feel energized to start their day. Natural light is great for breakfast, but that is not always possible. The right lighting can help create a bright and cheery environment for breakfast or brunch.

Lunch: The type of lighting you use for lunchtime depends on what type of restaurant business you have. If you want a faster turnover, at, for example, a fast food restaurant, brighter lighting can help facilitate that. Otherwise, moderate lighting is good to use for the lunchtime crowd.

Dinner: When people go out for dinner at night, they typically want a more relaxed or romantic atmosphere. This means lighting needs to be softer and more warm, to help people feel more relaxed and social. The more people are relaxed and enjoying their dinner, the more they may spend on drinks and dessert.

As you can see, lighting has to serve different purposes at different times of the day. Having a proper strategy for your lighting, depending on the times of day you serve customers, can make a huge difference in the success of your business.

2. Energy Saving Restaurant Lighting

Having energy saving lighting can be important, not just for your electric bill, but if your facility wants to pass potential environmental regulations or guidelines. LED lighting is a great way to light up a space while saving on energy costs.


3. Purpose or Function of Lighting

Your lighting will typically have three main functions:

Task Lighting: This is functional lighting that helps people perform tasks, such as reading a menu. Your staff also needs task lighting, from the person handling the reservations at the front to the chef in the back.

Accent Lighting: This is more dramatic lighting that is used to create a decorative effect, although it can also have a function. Accent lighting can be used to show off boards that highlight the day’s specials as well as artwork on the walls. A beautiful custom light fixture can in and of itself be the attraction that is highlighted through its own light.

Ambient Lighting: This is the dominant lighting in the room used to create an overall atmosphere as well as help people move around the space and see what is going on. This lighting might include natural light coming through windows as well as the overhead lights that help define the space.

These three main types of lighting may change throughout the day to support the different needs of the breakfast, lunch, and dinner crowds.

4. Your Brand’s Style and Current Restaurant Lighting Trends

Trends in interior design go through changes over time, although in creating your unique brand, you can step out of the trends entirely. Currently, two seemingly opposing trends are popular in today’s restaurants:

Modern Lighting: With the advent of LED lights, today’s modern lighting can be extremely flexible and cost-effective. The aesthetic can be minimalistic and hearken back to mid-century modern design stylings.

Retro Lighting: On the opposite end, incandescent lighting, especially old-fashioned lightbulbs with glowing filaments, is also very popular. Some “retro lighting” can be mimicked using modern LED technology as well.

The great news about today’s interior design is that you can mix and match. You can have modern LED lighting that works with a retro-styled custom light fixture.


We Are Expert Hotel Lighting Manufacturers

PTY Custom Lighting specializes in hospitality lighting. Our results speak for themselves, which is why we are one of the most in-demand hotel lighting manufacturers in the United States. We don’t just help with the design of custom lights, but we manufacturer our lights in-house. This means that we can create high-end work at a reasonable price.

If you need hotel room lighting, contact us at PTY Custom Lighting. We can work with all types of designs and styles, from Mid-Century Modern to Victorian. Whether you have a large hotel chain or a boutique bed and breakfast, we can help create just the right mood lighting to make your guests feel at home and want to come back for another stay.