Considerations in Brightening Up a Gloomy Hotel Corridor

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Considerations in Brightening Up a Gloomy Hotel Corridor

Whenever we think about corridors in hotels, we get a glimpse of long, dark, and abandoned hallways. Today, corridors are more than just a place of passage. They are one of the most important areas in hotels. 

Gone are the days of barely lit hotel corridors. In many establishments, space has been redecorated to provide optimal lighting to guests and employees. Corridors serve as a link between the rooms and the lobby. As such, it must look and feel comfortable and safe. 

You don’t want your guests to be creeped out by a dark and barely lit hotel corridor. They may get the wrong impression and never return—which is why you might need task lighting. Task lighting is the process of designing a corridor lighting system. Its goal is to give functional brightness to an area. The lighting depends on the size of an area and the height of its ceiling. To help you figure out your lighting, we will talk about considerations involved in illuminating corridors. 

1. Choose the right lamps

Light has the power to influence our perception of spaces. When we use bright lights in a space, it can transmit an airy and welcoming feeling. Yellow light can emanate a relaxing and toned-down feel.  More than illumination, light sources come in various sizes and styles that can give a touch of creativity to the entire area. 

Choosing the right lamps for a corridor can create and transmit the right message to your guests. Hence, it is advisable to pay attention above all to the extension and height of the corridor. You need to choose the most suitable type of lighting for this environment. 

2. The design of the corridor

There are different lamps for different corridors. A high and long corridor needs well-spaced light points that are distributed down the entire path. This ensures that the corridor achieves uniform brightness.  You can install a single bright lamp or several dim lamps working in tandem for a narrow and short corridor.

3. Dark corridors

Dark hotel corridors just make people uncomfortable. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, human beings are instinctively uncomfortable in darkness. Having a dark corridor outside hotel rooms will stimulate this fear. 

Some may get the wrong impression about your hotel. You could provide the best service in the world, but the uncomfortable lighting in your hotel can change the vibe. To avoid these scenarios, you need to provide proper lighting. 

Intense temperature lighting sources are sometimes essential. These can serve as focal points within a passageway. You can be as creative as you can be when choosing your lamps, as long as it fits the theme and interior design. 

Factors to Consider When Lighting a Corridor

Corridors are important transit areas that connect restaurants, lobbies, entertainment rooms, and private rooms. Choosing the right lighting is vital to the overall experience and perception of your hotel. When choosing a lamp, you need to think about its functionality and design. 

These lamps must properly light a hallway and give it personality. It must guarantee maximum efficiency and ensure comfort for everyone. Furthermore, the light sources must be positioned in a way that is comfortable and natural. 


Corridor lighting is essential for a good hotel experience. Corridors are more than just hallways; they serve as passageways to different parts of a hotel. Hence, you need to give it the proper amount of attention.

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